2024 RV Big Book

Products Call for more information. 05-6050 2021097938 12-1/2' 09-0770 2021126697 14-1/2' On-The-Go-Ladder • Portable, telescoping ladder for RVs • Only compatible with RVs equipped with the Lippert ladder receiver • Lightweight, design retracts for easy storage and transport • Angled extension reaches 22” above RV • Segmented locks on each step for increased retraction control See page 11-20 for more information. 06-8255 2022000853 15 Pieces RV Tool Kit • 15 essential tools and assorted parts all in one convenient tool bag • Kit includes: a multimeter, test light, LED headlamp, tire gauge, wire stripper multi-tool, SAE allen wrench set, ratcheting screwdriver set, fuse set, wire connectors, screws, utility knife, zip ties, electrical tape, duct tape and KN95 face masks See page 11-21 for more information. 25-4989 A10-30SMSP 30A 25-5174 A10-50SMSP 50A Surge Protectors • Prevent faulty power at RV campsites from ruining your electronics • Analyzes circuits to verify pedestal power • Identifies outlet faults • Convenient finger grip for ease of use • Indicators illuminate to show power status See page 24-22 for more information. 07-8384 33310 600/6,000 lb. 07-8385 33311 800/8,000 lb. 07-8386 33312 1,200/12,000 lb. Center Line FS Weight Distribution System Provides effective two point sway control with fewer components and faster installation time. 00-05