2024 RV Big Book

Products See In-Store For More Information Unbelievable Performance Unparalleled Protection Upgrade your program to NEXT-LEVEL technology with the latest line-up from Star brite, featuring cutting- edge SiO2 Ceramic formulations in products for every marine surface, including metal and vinyl. 07-8544 9600049490 13L, Slate 07-8594 9600049494 22L, Ocean 07-8608 9600049501 33L, Glow Dometic Cool Ice Chests Made from robust plastic, it can withstand the roughest conditions and its thick, refrigeration-grade foam insulation and specially designed seal helps to keep ice frozen for days. The smaller Cool Ice boxes come with a carry strap, while the larger sizes come with strong polyethylene handles. See page 13-25 for more information. 08-1341 PAC2512 Portable AC Portable 12V AC with the cooling capacity of 2350 BTU. Cools areas up to 100sq. ft. Weighs just over 20 lbs. See page 13-14 for more information. 08-1143 22-826L W White 08-1145 22-826L S Silver 08-1149 22-826L B Black Stackable Laundry Stackable 110V laundry solution for RVs features a short or standard dryer option stacked above the efficient Super Washer. Includes pet cycle wash option. The total height of the short dryer and washer is under 60” which is great for 5th wheels. 00-04