2024 RV Big Book

Products 04-0096 3082A Fits 18" Griddle Pizza Oven Delivers the delights of a stone baked pizza anywhere you travel, fitting perfectly atop the Suburban 18” Griddle. The 13” x 13” interior comes with a removable pizza stone for easy cleaning. The oven is quick to set up, has a 13” x 13” interior and a removable pizza stone makes clean up a snap. Griddle base sold separately. 08-5873 3250AST Sink/Stove Dual Burner Outdoor Slide Out Kitchen Slide Out Kitchen An outdoor stove and sink all-in-one where you need it, when you need it. Locking, heavy duty glides allow the kitchen to slide in an out of place, while telescoping, fast attach legs provide additional support when needed. The 11” x 10.25” sink is 4” deep, making prep or clean up a breeze, while the dual burner cooking surface provides space for a multi-faceted meal. See page 12-13 for more information. See page 01-17 for more information. See page 13-17 for more information. See page 13-19 for more information. 08-5957 HS-K001 Sensor Starter Pack Smart RV System Lot Sensors • Keep track of your RV remotely with water, temp/humidity, contact and motion sensors. Easy to place throughout your RV. Set and forget with 1 year battery life. • Simple to add sensors to you RV Halo app for status updates and alerts. Monthly subscription fees apply for remote monitoring. 07-7998 9600050824 Glacier 07-8003 9600050823 Ash 07-7997 9600050822 Slate 07-8013 9600050794 Faucet Hydration Water Jug Designed to be easy to carry from car to campsite and fits in the space behind your vehicle’s wheel well. Comfortable, removable webbed carry handles, built-in tiedown guides. Holds up to 11L. Water faucet sold separately. 00-06