2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

Your Local, Nationwide Distributor 138 ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING • Battery Compact, portable power. 500 watt-hour battery pack with a 500-watt pure sine wave inverter. Powers TVs, fans, mobile fridges, or laptops, and charges handheld devices. Features an integrated vehicle jump starter. Internal solar controller accommodates up to 120-watts of solar. Pairs perfectly with a DuraLite Expansion kit (GP-DURALITE-E). Weight: 18.4lbs. 9.84”” x 7.48”” x 7.48””. Features: 2 AC 110V outlets, 4 USB ports, 1 USB type-C port, 12V DC cigarette lighter port, vehicle jump start port, 2 DC 12V ports, solar charging input and AC charging input. 12V battery box is a rugged and sophisticated portable dual battery system capable of powering your next great adventure. Enjoy the great outdoors or a family day out with the peace of mind that no matter what, you will be packed with hours, even days of off-grid power. Features market leading DC-DC charging technology that makes it capable of a rapid 50A recharge rate, meaning in around two hours you could have a massive 100Ah of power. Built tough for the most rugged and distant off-grid adventure, yet suitable for practically any vehicle, from cars and vans to 4WDs. It’s also ideal for vehicles that do not have enough room to install a traditional dual battery system, and can be paired with a solar panel to provide endless power. Features: Rapid charge (Dependant on installation method and vehicle capability), Green power priority (when charging via PowerDock), Start Battery Recovery, Bluetooth to REDARC’s RedVision smartphone App (iOS + Android), and is suitable for any alternator type. Includes: 7.5A AC overnight mains charger, 7.5A DC Accessory socket charger, and access to the iOS and Android App. Rechargeable battery-powered electricity to power almost anything you want, wherever you are. Ideal for charging your gear — plug in and power up your TV, blender, fan, mini cooler, CPAP and other devices. Recharge your phone, tablet, laptop, headlamp, and more. Great for emergency and portable power with no gas-powered motor so it’s safe for use indoors. All stations provide clean pure sine wave electricity, LCD color status display, DC input/output and a built-in LED ashlight. 200 and 300 models feature four charging options: AC outlet, 12V DC, generator or solar power. 500 and 1100 models offer ve charging options: the same as for the models above as well as PD. Multiple output options include: AC, DC and USB. Use these smart battery recovery cables along with your GoBlock to safely and effectively recover your start battery using the start battery recovery feature. Safely charge yours, or your friend’s start battery and get out of trouble in as little as 15 minutes. Unlike a traditional jump-start, the smart battery recovery feature means you can stop at the service station or shops and turn the vehicle back on again without needing to jump-start the battery again. Fitted with a genuine Anderson connector, this cable measures 1.5m in length and includes aligator style clamps for quick connection to the vehicle’s battery. Portable Power Station GoBlock Portable Power Systems Gasless Portable Power Stations Goblock Smart Battery Recovery Cable Part No. Description PPS12100 100AH PPS12050 50AH Part No. Description Watt-Hr "AC Outlets" USB-A USB-C PD "Weitht (Lbs.)" "Dimensions (H x W x D)" 53250 Power Station 200 222 2 3 1 27W (Out) 6.6 7.5" x 6.3" x 8.5" 53251 Power Station 300 296 2 3 1 27W (Out) 7.7 7.5" x 6.3" x 8.5" 53252 Power Station 500 515 2 4 1 "60W (In/Out) +27W (Out)" 11 7.9" x 6.8" x 10.2" 53253 Power Station 1100 1166 3 3 2 "100W (In/Out) +27W (Out)" 24.6 8.1" x 9.1" x 13.2" (G75) Part No. 83033 Off-grid lithium-ion generator brings 400W of power to charge all your devices on the go. Includes one ePod Battery and one Power Station. When you put an ePod battery into the ePod Power Station, you can power your eRove, re ll a spare battery, and charge up to six devices at the same time. With two AC outputs, 3 USB ports, and one USB-C port, the Power Station can charge it all. Charge a smartphone up to 30 times, a camera up to 28 times, and a drone up to 4 times thanks to ePod’s 400W of power. Features: - 400W power swappable battery, Charge up to 6 devices at once, USB-C PD (x1) / USB-A QC 3.0 / USB-A (x2), Phone (10 Wh): 28+ Times, Laptop (65 Wh): 4+ Times. ePod® Battery & Power Station Part No. FBN12C33A1_PS (F6N) (F6N) (F6N) 400Wh lithium-ion swappable battery designed to be used as the power source for the Furrion ePod® EcoSystem. The ePod Battery features 412Wh of lithium-ion capacity, a rugged aluminum outer casing, ergonomic handle and LED charge status indicator lights. ePod® Battery Part No. FBN12C33A1 Power Station includes AC and DC power output and can charge an ePod Battery through a solar panel power input. Outputs include:- 2 x 120V AC plugs, with an AC inverter rated to 400W continuous power and 800W surge power (20 seconds max). - 2 x USB type A(5V/2.4A x 2), Total 24W - 1 x USB type C, Total 60W - 1 x USB QC 3.0, Total 24W Charging Inputs include: - AC (wall charge) - DC (car or solar, 10V-22V). ePod® Power Station Part No. FIVSPB40A-BL (RDC) (RDC) Part No. SBR0001 (T6D)