2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

Shop 24/7 at www.seawide.com 139 Electrical Components • ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING EasyÀtŒ Battery SZitch Created primarily for installations where switches need to be recessed through varying thicknesses of panels. • Easily removable threaded ring allows for panel thicknesses up to 3/4" (19 mm) • Same features as the 701 with the removable knob 45° past the off position • Includes removable back cover ensuring that it meets ABYC requirements • Surface mount option offers a unique style compared to other switches available on the market • Can easily be retro- tted in place of most European post and lever type switches &ontour Battery 0aster SZitch • Patented Contour Locking System allows switch to be a stand alone unit, or locked together with other switches • Control knob can be removed by switching to counter-clockwise 45° position • Three removable side plates for access of up to 1/0 cables plus a rear cover insulating the rear terminals against any short circuits. This ensures the switch meets ABYC requirements • 2.1" (52 mm) hole for mounting Battery Selector SZitch The 701S is the most compact selector switch available on the market. Housed in the same dimensions as the 701, and includes the same removable side plates and back cover ensuring that it meets ABYC requirements. (B7V) Part No. 701 Part No. 701S Part No. 700 • While BEP recommends isolated battery systems as outlined with our distribution clusters, the 701S offers a simple economical way of separating two batteries Please note selector switches will not separate electronics from harmful engine starting spikes. Part No. Description 24MDP 24 BCI Group Size; 12 Volt; 500 Cold Cranking Amps; 625 Hot Cranking Amps; Top Terminals; 10-1/4 Inch Length; 6-13/16 Inch Width; 9-7/16 Inch Height 27MDP 27 BCI Group Size; 12 Volt; 575 Cold Cranking Amps; 730 Hot Cranking Amps; Top Terminals; 12 Inch Length; 6-13/16 Inch Width; 9-7/16 Inch Height Part No. Description D27M 12 Volt; 800 Cold Cranking Amps D34M 12 Volt; 750 Cold Cranking Amps 34M 12V, 800 Cold Cranking Amps; Starting (C28) (MOE) Spray on battery terminals for a lead free, soft protective coating. Prevents corrosion and assures easier starting. Battery 7erminal Protector Battery 'isconnect SZitch Part No. Description 06046 7.5oz. Aerosol Part No. Description 053445-10 Universal Mount Combines deep cycle capability with starting power to deliver enough power to start a 350 Horsepower engine and provide 8 hours of continuous 10 amp 12 volt draw. Nautilus Battery (E22) Bluetop® 0arine Batteries (O10) (N6C) Formulated to make all surfaces impenetrable to corrosion-causing acid fumes, which reduce battery life and cranking ability. For battery terminals, cables, hold-downs, enclosures, boxes and carriers. Does not dry or evaporate and is guaranteed for the life of your battery. Battery &orrosion PreYentatiYe 5emoYe Battery &leaner Part No. Description A202 12.5oz. Aerosol Part No. Description E403 14oz. Aerosol Instantly neutralizes, dissolves, and removes battery corrosion from battery terminals, cables, hold-downs, battery boxes and more. Formulated to assure maximum current ow and reduce potential voltage leakage. Universal mount battery disconnect switch. 12V, 5A, with 50" coil type tether. Black nylon casting. Limited 1 year warranty.