2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

Shop 24/7 at www.seawide.com 137 Electrical Components • ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING (X16) (X16) Freedom XC Inverter/Charger Part No. Description 817-2080 Freedom XC 2000 TSW Inverter Charger 808-0817-01 Remote Panel with 25’ cable 808-9817 20A GFCI Part No. Description 783-0100-01 100W, Flexible Portable Solar Charging Kits (N6C) AC Port Plug with integrated, 16” extension cable quickly plugs-n-plays with any onboard battery charger without the need of cord modi cations or hand wiring. Its sleek, ultra low-pro le design requires 50% less space and mounts to boats, golf carts, UTVs or virtually any other electric vehicle. UL approved; with watertight cover. Limited 1 year warranty. AC Port Part No. Description GCP1 13A, 125V Black (F6N) Modern and sleek inlets feature a unique bright blue LED Powersmart® voltage indicator. Made from heavy duty marine grade materials with a ber lled UV stabilized polyester outer casing designed to withstand harsh marine environments. Universal t for industry standards. Powersmart® Shore Power Inlets Part No. Description 110678 50A, 125/250V, Square, White 110634 50A, 125/250V, Square, Black 110614 30A, 125V, Square, White 110536 30A, 125V Square, Black Shore Power Cords Part No. Description 110813 15A, 50’ Cord F30P25SSAM 30A, 25’ Cord F30P50SSAM 30A, 50’ Cord (T6D) (T6D) (H6F) 50A/30A Power Cord Reel Part No. Description RH54331RMK Reel w/33’ of 50A Cord RH33401RMK Reel w/40’ of 30A Cord A LoZ ProÀle &ord 5eel Electrical Tape Part No. RL54331LMK • Full output from -4°F to 104°F. Operates up to 140°F. • Extended surge, 10ms AC transfer time • Huge wiring bay and quick connect terminals for fast and easy installation • Con gurable low battery voltage shutdown • Built-in 30A Automatic Transfer Switch Typically used in Class A and Super C motorhomes, this tall and narrow cord reel eliminates tangled and kinked cords. Free spools and is motorized for retracting cord back onto the spool. 34’ of non-stiffening super exible cord. RH54: 10.0” x 10.1” x 16.5” RH33: 10.0” x 8.7” x 16.5” Retrieves quickly and stores compactly. Low pro le design allows for installation in low compartments or frame of Fifth Wheel. Easily installs with common hand tools. Cord capacity: 34’ of 6/3 8/1 exible cord. Pigtail is separate from cord set and can be up to 25’ long. 14.3”x9.0”x12.0” Black, vinyl tape used for electrical cable insulation. Roll is 3/4”W x 60’L. • Keep your batteries healthy, save on replacement costs • Simple, plug-n-play kits are ideal for on-the-go charging • All kits include foldable solar panel, 10 PWM charge controller, adapter battery cables, tilting legs and carrying case • Lightweight, compact, easy to store Marine power supply cords feature super- ex, oil-resistant conduit that is easy to clean and exible for easy coiling. 50’ cord features LED power indicator. 30 and 50’ cords are grey while 15’ cord is yellow. UL and CUL approved. Limited 1 year warranty. (F6N) Developed with a modern, user-friendly design and manufactured to withstand the harshest environments using high quality marine-grade materials. Features a polished, stainless steel nish and a universal t for industry standards. Stainless Shore Power Inlets Part No. Description 110807 50A, 125/250V, Round 110578 30A, 125V, Round (F6N) Part No. 152341