2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

Shop 24/7 at www.seawide.com 13 Towables Accessories • RECREATION & WATERSPORTS Tube Keeper Secure towables safely to your boat. Tired of lying on top of your tubes to keep them from ying out of your boat? No place to sit? Tube keeper to the rescue! It saves essential passenger space and prevents serious injuries by securing towables to your boat stern. Simply attach the straps around the tube’s handles. Then attach cords around a cleat or rail. The 2 inch wide adjustable straps are easy to tighten for a secure hold. Part No. TB-101 Vinyl Repair Kit Are you rough on your in atables? Better keep a repair kit handy! This kit includes a 1-ounce tube of the best commercial grade vinyl cement available and 4 - 2” round vinyl patches. Part No. AHRK-1 Airhead Tear-Aid Fix punctures and tears on a variety of items with the Fabric and Vinyl Patch Kits. Airtight, watertight and elastic composition stretches and springs back to keep the patch in place for a very long time. TEAR-AID stays put when ordinary repair products give out. It’s UV-resistant and extremely handy for xing towable and boat covers, tents, awnings, sleeping bags, cushions, shing waders, bicycle tubes, towable tubes, pool liners, rafts, pool oats, kiteboard bladders and more. The see-through patch makes it suitable for fabrics and vinyl of any color. Easy peel-and-stick application. Part No. Description AHTR-1A-R 3” X 5’ Roll Fabric Patch Kit AHTR-1A Fabric Patch Kit AHTR-1B Vinyl Patch Kit Part No. Description AHFS-C100 Classic Red AHFS-C101 Classic White AHFS-C102 Classic Blue AHFS-C103 Classic Orange AHFS-C104 Classic Black AHFS-C105 Classic Aqua AHFS-CWM6 Classic Assortment AHFS-S100 Sport Red AHFS-S101 Sport White AHFS-S102 Sport Blue AHFS-S103 Sport Orange AHFS-S104 Sport Black AHFS-S105 Sport Aqua AHFS-SWM6 Sport Assortment Aqua Zookas Soak your friends with AQUA ZOOKA! This easy to operate, quick lling water bazooka is constructed of high-impact thermoplastics, and will last for seasons of fun. Simply dip AQUA ZOOKA into the water and pull back on the handle to siphon water up into the barrel. You’re ready to re. Doubles as a bilge pump or household siphon! Part No. Description AZ-12 12” Single Shot AZ-18 18” Single Shot AZ18DS 18” Double Shot (A4M) Airhead Floating Sunglasses These anti-re ective polarized lenses keep the UV rays out of your eyes. Built tough and scratch resistant with hydrophobic coating that repels water. Lightweight and ideal for life in and out of the water. Available Black, White, Red, Orange, Blue, and Light Blue.