2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

Your Local, Nationwide Distributor 14 RECREATION & WATERSPORTS • Water Toys Part No. AHEZ-100 (A4M) EZ Ski Trainers This revolutionary inflatable water ski hybrid with integrated wooden water ski trainers and ski bindings is engineered for stability while towing (10 mph maximum). The ultimate confidence builder, taking the tears, fear and frustration out of teaching new young skiers and replacing it with safety and fun! This awesome trainer teaches basic skiing fundamentals including proper stance, handle position, balance and weight transfer for turning. Water Ski Perfect for skiers who need a stable ride and want to advance their skills, 67” combo skis are a great value using composite construction with tunnel shaped bottoms and fiberglass reinforced nylon fins to provide the ultimate balance, control, and smooth tracking turns. Dual density slide-type adjustable bindings fit US sizes 5 to 12. Part No. AHS-1300 Performance Kayak Paddle This 7 foot long adjustable kayak paddle breaks down into 2 sections for convenient stowing. Widebody Water Skis 67 inch combo skis are designed to accommodate many different skill levels. Wide tails and tunnel shaped bottoms provide the ultimate balance, control, stability, and smooth tracking turns. The composite construction and fiberglass reinforced nylon fins ensure years of service. Dual density slide-type adjustable bindings fit US sizes 5 to 12. Part No. AHS-1400 Part No. AHTK-P2 Widebody Water Skis 54 inch wide body combo skis are perfect for teaching teens and adults to deep water start, turn, and drop a ski to slalom. No plowing through the water on these wide boys, they pop out of the water effortlessly. A removable cross bar is provided for first timers. The dual density bindings are adjustable from US sizes 5 to 12. Durable composite / foam core construction. Fiberglass reinforced nylon fins. Part No. AHS-900 Widebody Water Ski Trainers We call these skis BREAKTHRU, because you’ll learn how to deep water start and the basics of water skiing quickly and easily. They feature an oversized profile, parabolic side cut, tapered tail and comfortable adjustable bindings. The stabilizer bar keeps the 47” long skis steady while the student is learning to ski. Fiberglass reinforced nylon rudders increase stability and tracking. Designed for skiers under 100 lbs. The adjustable bindings fit child size 12 to adult size 5. Part No. AHST-120 Lake Effect Wakesurf Board EPS core composite construction with Carbon stringers. Minimal rocker & flat base. Diamond cut EVA traction pad. Customizable fin box. Includes 3—1.5” removable thruster fins. 56” x 21.5” Part No. AHWS-0217 Spectrum Wakesurf Board Great for learning to Wakesurf and taking your riding to the next level. Compression molded fiberglass board with dual hook grooves and 3 surf fins. Diamond grooved EVA pads with kick-stop and arch bar. 2 adjustable foot straps to place either your left or right forward riders. 63” x 20.5” Part No. AHWS-F06 Wake Shaker Kneeboard Channelled bottom makes knee boarding easier and more fun to ride! You’ll love the easy rail to rail transitions, consistent arc though turns, and effortless spins! Wake Shaker is great for all riding levels and has massive rocker and beveled edges for sharp turns without getting hung up during surface tricks. The deep knee wells provide ultimate comfort and control. The unique bottom features reduce water tension for a light, responsive feel. The integrated EZ UP hook provides effortless starts every time and easy access to the rope handle. Part No. AHKB-3D Inflatable Performance 2-Person Kayak Part No. AHTK-2 Stik-a-Flag Skier Down Flag This orange nylon mounted to a 24” pole. The giant 3-1/2” suction cup attaches to a windshield or smooth surface. Flag size: 12” x 12” SAF– 1 conforms to AZ, CA, CO, ID, IL, KS, MS, MO, NE, NM, NV, OR, TX, UT, & WA laws. SAF-1C features a custom logo. SAF– 3 conforms to J laws. Part No. SAF-1 SAF-3 SAF-1C Water Ski Flag This inexpensive bright orange vinyl flag is attached to a 24” pole. It conforms to AZ, CA, CO, ID, KS, MO, NE, NM, OR, TX, UT, WA laws. Recommended everywhere for safety. 24 per display box. Part No. Description F-1 Size 12”x15” F-48 48” This portable, lightweight, and compact kayak is structured to ride on lakes and light rapids. This makes it perfect for on the go adventures. The kayak features two seats with backrests and mesh pockets to hold all of your gear. 12 ft., 36.3 lbs., 2 person / 500 lb. capacity