2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

Your Local, Nationwide Distributor 12 RECREATION & WATERSPORTS • Towables Accessories In ates and de ates towables, kayaks, boats, airbeds, and other in atables. It delivers a continuous stream of air on both the up and down strokes. Simply turn the release valve counter-clockwise and you’re pumping air only on the down-stroke. Double Action Pump Part No. Description AHP-1 Manual Air Pump-14 PSI Powered Air Pumps 120 volt and 12 volt models to meet your need for in ating or de ating towables, kayaks, boats, airbeds, water toys, and other in atables. Pumps include longer hose and multiple valves to meet your needs. The higher PSI pumps are for larger 2+ person towables. Part No. Description AHP-12H 12V Air Pump-1.2 PSI AHP-12HP 12V High Pressure Air Pump 1.4 PSI AHP-12AP 12V Air Pump-1.2PSI AHP-12R 12V Rechargable Air Pump .64 PSI AHP-120 120V Air Pump-.92 PSI AHP-120AP 120V Air Pump-2.2 PSI AHP-120MP 120V Pool Float Pump .78 PSI AHP-12012 Pool Float Pump 120v-12v .5 PSI AHSUP-C022 SUP Pump 12V up to 15 PSI Multi-Valve Consists of 2 Boston valves with different thread patterns on the bottom and a Shrader valve with cap. One of the Boston valves is sure to t the thread pattern of your in atable, no matter what brand. Use the Shrader valve to in ate your in atables at a gas station or with an air compressor. Alternatively, screw off the Shrader valve and in ate the Boston valve with an AIRHEAD air pump. Part No. AHMV-1 Boston Valve The 2 Boston valves have different thread patterns. One is sure to t the thread pattern of your in atable, no matter what brand. Part No. AHBV-2 (A4M) AHP-12AP AHP-12H AHP-120 AHP-120AP AHP-120MP AHP-12012 AHP-12R AHSUP-C022