2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

7 Shop 24/7 at www.seawide.com Paddle Boards / Accessories • RECREATION & WATERSPORTS Tow Rope Part No. Description 173010 60', 1500 lb., Green & Black for up to 1 rider 113000 60', 2000 lb., Red & Yellow for up to 2 riders 113010 60', 4100 lb., Orange & Yellow for up to 4 riders (WOW) Part No. Description 213020 ZINO SUP 213030 ROVER SUP Inflatable Paddle Boards Inflatable paddleboards offer huge advantages over hard boards because of their small storage footprint, easy portability, and overall durability. Weighs less than 30 pounds and when deflated, can be put in its customized backpack for carrying and can easily fit in the trunk of a small car. Bellow action foot pump can be used to inflate towable floats, pool toys, air mattresses, or any other small inflatable you use. It has a high-impact foot plate and a flexible hose. Foot Pump Inflate Fast! Great for small to large inflatables, airbeds, an other inflatables. Electric Pump Part No. Description 134020 134020 Part No. 134030 Double Action Hand Pump Inflate small inflatables and airbeds, or use with a 12 Volt pump to the top of larger inflatables so they are nice and firm. The double-action hand pump provides a continuous stream of air on the up and down stroke for faster inflation. Part No. 134040