2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

6 Your Local, Nationwide Distributor RECREATION & WATERSPORTS • Towables Ace Racing Macho Big Thriller Allows for more stability and control for the ride. 50” X 48” Multi-positional deck tube that allows riders to lay, sit, or kneel. Secure Form-Fit seating is constructed with an internal, heavy-duty nylon harness to prevent the riders’ bottoms from hitting the water. Tow or float! The Big Thriller can be used by 1 or 2 riders and may be used as a floating island or floating down the river. The Bingo tubes are the only cockpit tubes on the market with front and back tow points. Ride in the seated position from the front tow point or connect the rope to the back tow point and ride chariot style. The deep cockpit seating with high backrest makes the riders feel more secure while the new drop speed bottom glides smoothly over the water creating less drag on the boat and therefore better gas mileage. Two different tow points and can be ridden while standing, sitting, kneeling or laying down. The new interactive seating design also makes the float perfect for using as a lounge or an island. Seats 1 to 3 persons with 2 towing directions. Couch style towables are some of the most popular tubes on the market. They make for a perfect starter tube for the family just getting into towables but also they are a tube that just about anybody can have fun on. Can be towed in two directions. Part No. Description 181010 2 Person Towable Part No. Description 151120 1 Person Towable Part No. 153000 Part No. Description 161010 2 Person Towable Part No. Description 141060 1-2 Person Towable Bingo Part No. Description 151070 1-3 Person Towable Zelda Super Bubba Part No. Description 171060 1-3 Person Towable (WOW) Tow Bobber