2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

Your Local, Nationwide Distributor 52 DOCKING & ANCHORS • Boat Fenders & Accessories (T4V) (T4V) ISO Proof Coil Chain General Purpose/Anchor Chain - G30 G30 ISO Proof Coil Chain is a low carbon steel general purpose/anchor chain with an ISO short pitch link. It is used in applications where high tensile strength is not required.*+ • Finish: Hot Dip Galvanized • SPECS: meets NACM, ASTM • Working Load Limit: 590 kg-force / 1300 lb-force • Length: 141’ /43m • Trade size: 1/4 Part No. 10312738 (CMP) * Please check manufacturer’s specification prior to use + Certificate available upon request. • Hot Dip Galvanized for premium corrosion resistance and forged for strength • Breaking strength exceeds that of high test G4 chain*+ • 30% stronger than standard Grade A shackles High Strength Hot Dip Galvanized Chain type Shackles Part No. Description 10319620 3/8” / 10mm bail, 7/16” / 11mm pin 10319621 7/16” / 11mm bail, 1/2” / 13mm pin Big B Rope Lock Part No. Description 1085 3/Pkg Part No. Description PFAC-1-DP Gray, Pair Part No. Description F16-0151-1 Lock w/NPT Plug SS Kit, 1/4" Drain F16-0151R-1 Lock Receiver Only, NPT Plastic Plug SS, 1/2" Drain Fender hanger for use with Taylor Made fenders with 3/4" I.D. tubing. Fits 3/8" diameter rope. Vented to prevent water from accumulating in fender tube. If used with other brands, verify a tight enough fit between the tube and product for proper function. (T9A) (T9A) Quick Release Fender Lock For dockside safety and convenience, the Quick Release Fender Lock ensures secure, quickly stored fender lines, which are also maintained at the optimal length because of the attached mounting pin. At the dock, simply tie off a hanging fender with secure line through the 7/8” hole by the push button, insert the pin into the fitting and your boat is protected. Pontoon Fender Lock Make your docking experience as effortless as possible with our Pontoon Fender Lock. Designed to keep lines at optimal length by simply inserting the pin into the fitting. Features a 1” diameter button. Pontoon Fender Adjustable Clip (T9T) Part No. Description 1015 Adjuster, White Vinyl 1016 Adjuster, Black Vinyl 1131 Adjuster & Rope, White 1132 Adjuster & Rope, Blue 1133 Adjuster & Rope, Black 1137 Adjuster & Rope, Navy Tidy-Ups™ Fender Adjuster Engineered specifically to meet the needs of varying dock heights, giving your boat optimal protection. The easy-to-use PVC mounting adjuster band quickly snaps over any standard rail, lifeline or stanchion on your boat. Units with rope have 6’ of 3/8” solid braid rope. Part No. Description 1001 Up to 1/2” Rope 1010 Up to 1/4” Rope 91010 Counter Display, 12 of #1010 Stainless Steel Fender Locks The “one-way” locking peg provides secure and reliable mounting and allows the use of up to 1/2" diameter rope. Quick Draw™ Fender Adjuster Tightly holds to bow rails, grabs rails, lifelines, cleats, and more. Fits 1/4” to 1/2” fender line. Part No. 1092 Pontoon Rail Fender Adjuster Designed specifically for the 1" & 1-1/4" square tube rails of pontoon boats. Clamps securely yet can be repositioned easily. Part No. 1139 Part No. Description F16-0220-1 Pontoon Fender Lock w/Receiver F16-0203 Pontoon Receiver 1” Tube-316L SS F16-0220-1 F16-0203