2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

Shop 24/7 at www.seawide.com 51 Part No. Description DB4-B 4', Black DB4-O 4', Orange DB4-RB 4', Royal Blue DB4-RD 4', Red DB4-Y 4', Yellow DB5-B 5', Black DB5-O 5', Orange DB5-RB 5', Royal Blue DB5-RD 5', Red DB5-Y 5', Yellow Part No. Description 11717-2 1/8" x 50' 11718-2 1/8" x 100' 11719-2 1/4" x 50' Part No. Description 11722-2 1/4" x 100', Blue/White 11725-2 3/8" x 50', Blue/White Part No. Description 11700-2 Neon Multi, 45' Spool 11704-2 25' PDQ of 3 Ropes 11713-2 5/16" x 50', Blue Hollow Braided 11720-2 1/4" x 50', Yellow Hollow Braided Part No. Description 11726-2 1/4” x 50’ White, Twisted Nylon 117561-2 1/4” x 50’ White, Braided Nylon Lines & Cords • DOCKING & ANCHORS (G7R) Stretch N Slide Dock Line Stretch n’ Slide is the world’s most versatile and easy to use dock line. Multi-loop bungee allows a perfect t for any span to 7’. Makes docking quick and easy for any craft from PWC to large boats. Part No. SNS-B Dock Buddy Dock Buddy is an easy-to-use dock line that stretches between a boat cleat and a dock cleat, without knots. The Dock Buddy has colors to match popular boat trims and accessories and is available in 3 sizes. For temporary docking only. (A7J) Braided Polypropylene Utility Lines Economical, resistance to harsh elements and useful around the boat, home, or marina. The bright colored and patterned rope allows for visibility up to 25'. Nylon Utility Line &amouflaJe 8tility &ords Camo cord line details a diamond braid with 4 ropes channeling a 75’ offering. This utility line is great for hunting, shing, boating, and camping. Hollow Braided Anchor Line Polypropylene, hollow braided anchor lines are sure to meet the needs of any boater. Includes spring hook. (T4V) Part No. Description 11328 Dock Line-3/8" x 15' Double Braided 11329 Dock Line-3/8" x 25' Double Braided 11332 Dock Line-1/2" x 25' Double Braided Double Braided Nylon Dock Line Whipped bitter end. Always exible – stays soft and easy to handle throughout its life. Spliced eye end – much stronger than a knot. Resistant to oil, grease, gasoline, mildew and most chemicals.