2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

Shop 24/7 at www.seawide.com 27 Life Vests • SAFETY & FLOTATION Livery Foam Vest Vibe Foam Pull-Over Java Foam Vest Universal Fishing Vest 4-One SOLAS Vest Universal Fit Adult PFD with Solas 5eflectiYe 7ape Part No. Description MV7010 4 Foam Vest Red-XS/S MV7010 4 Foam Vest Red-M/L MV7010 4 Foam Vest Red-XL/XXL MV7010 25 Foam Vest Yellow-XS/S MV7010 25 Foam Vest Yellow-M/L MV7010 25 Foam Vest Yellow-XL/XXL MV7010 131 Foam Best Blue-XS/S MV7010 131 Foam Vest Blue-M/L MV7010 131 Foam vest Blue-XL/XXL Part No. Description MV7060-4 Red MV7060-13 Black Part No. Description MV4112 Green Part No. Description MV8035 Child MV8040 Adult Universal Part No. MV3104T1 Part No. Description MV7113-201 Mango MV7113-862 Bombay Blue MV7113-123 Red/Black 5efle[ Foam 9est Part No. Description MV7020 86 Red-Gray-XS/S MV7020 861 Red-Gray-M/L MV7020 861 Red-Gray-XL/XXL MV7020 190 Royal-Blue-XS/S MV7020 190 Royal-Bule-M/L MV7020 190 Royal-Blue-XL/XXL MV7020 222 Yellow-Gray-XS/S MV7020 222 Yellow-Gray-M/L MV7020 222 Yellow-Gray-XL/XXL • Approval: USCG - UL1123 - Marine Buoyant Devices 160.064 - Type III • Flexible t in a universal size • 3 adjustable straps for comfort sizing (MUS) This premium front entry PFD offers a universal t with plenty of adjustment points to customize the t while lots of storage options and attachments keep your gear handy. Meets minimum life vest buoyancy of 15.7 lbs.. This all-around front entry foam vest is an excellent option to out t the whole family or guests when paddling, sailing, or powerboating. Meets minimum life vest buoyancy of 15.7 lbs.. This front entry foam vest uses a traditional canoe body, eight points of adjustment, and soft exible foam to make a comfortable option for paddlers with longer torsos. Meets the minimum life vest buoyancy of 15.7 lbs.. 7rident Foam Front Zip PF' Part No. Description MV7160 13 Blue-L/XL This versatile and lightweight front entry foam vest includes two large, zippered mesh pockets for storage and offers six adjustment points. Meets the minimum life vest buoyancy of 15.7 lbs. This vest has been inspected and tested to SOLAS in accordance with four regulatory approvals. The 4-ONE eases both the hassle and nancial burden associated with compliance. Available in two sizes to t both adults and children. This front entry foam vest is designed to accommodate longer torsos comfortably. Durable 210/420D ripstop nylon construction provides exceptional durability. Approval: USCG —Recreational Type III, Commercial Type V. This low-pro le pull-over foam life vest features a minimalist open-sided design to allow exceptional mobility and ventilation for sailing, SUPing, or whitewater paddling. Meets minimum life vest buoyancy of 15.7 lbs..