2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

Your Local, Nationwide Distributor 26 SAFETY & FLOTATION • Life Vest Inflatable Work 9est • USCG - UL1180 - In atable PFDs 160.076 - Type V (Commercial Use); Type II (Recreational Use) • USCG Type V in atable Work Vest, can also be worn as a Type II in atable • Approved for use on sub chapter M towing vessels (see approval letter below) • Approved for use on inspected and uninspected vessels of any size • Compatible with Re-arm Kit C (Model # MA7214) • Low maintenance Hydrostatic In ator Technology only in ates when submerged in water, minimizing accidental in ation. • 5 years maintenance-free in ator (from date of manufacture) with status indicator window Part No. Description MD3188 02 Orange This lightweight, low-pro le front entry foam vest features a large storage pocket to keep your important items handy. The open-sided design creates cooling air ow and enhances mobility. • Approval: Harmonized Level 70 - USA and Canada (Meets minimum life vest buoyancy of 15.7 lbs.) • Manually in ates by pulling activation cord • Provides 18.9 Lbs. of buoyancy when in ated • Stays out of the way until activated • Molle webbing to carry essentials • Lightweight ergonomic t 0inimalist Belt Pack Part No. Description MD3070 191 Gray MD3070 268 Blue 0I7 Inflatable Auto PF' -ourney Foam 9est APF Foam 9est Part No. Description MD4016 Black-Gray Part No. Description MD2020 4 Red MD2020 191 Gray This classic high-back front entry women’s speci c foam vest is designed to clear most kayak seatbacks. Mesh panels keep you cool, and the Adjust-a-bust system provides support for long-lasting comfort. Women’s 0o[ie Part No. Description MV8075 857 Merlot-Coral - Foam vest - M/L MV8075 853 Slate-Aqua - Foam vest - M/L Part No. Description MV4111-222 Yellow-Grey MV4111-861 Red-Grey MV4111-806 Black-Grey Part No. Description MV7112 25 Yellow-XS/S MV7112 25 Yellow-M/L MV7112 25 Yellow-XL/XXL MV7112 131 Blue-M/L MV7112 131 Blue-XL/XXL MV7112 131 Blue-XS/S MV7112 35 Charcoal-M/L MV7112 35 Charcoal-XL/XXL MV7112 35 Charcoal-XS/S • Approval: Harmonized Level 70 - USA and Canada (Meets minimum buoyancy of 15.7 Lbs.) • 20.5 Lbs. total dual buoyancy (7.5 Lbs. foam buoyancy, 13 lbs. additional buoyancy when cells in ated) • Dual otation system blends the security of foam otation with the slim pro le of in ation technology • Easy re-arm - just squeeze air out of the in ation cell, add new CO2 cylinder and you’re done • Lightweight and low pro le design offers greater comfort and range of motion, and eases re-entry into your boat from the water • Front storage pocket and slot to hold extra CO2 cylinder (extra cylinder not included) Khimera 'ual Flotation™ 9est Part No. Description MD7183 4 Red MD7183 191 Gray MD7183 268 Blue (MUS) This front entry foam vest is designed as a one-size- ts-all. Nine adjustment points to ensure a custom and secure t for any adult paddler, regardless of size, shape, or ability. For the ultimate low pro le t, the 16G Belt Pack is the way to go. Its compact design and pillow-style bladder provide a design buoyancy 15.5 lbs. of otation. Pull the ‘JERK’ tab to in ate, then pull attachment strap over head to secure. Use this belt pack in your pack raft, on your SUP, or while racing. The compact size includes two D-ring attachment points and a signal whistle. This high buoyancy in atable PFD offers excellent versatility with the ability to switch between automatic and manual in ation modes. Fluid 2 Inflatable Belt Pack