2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

187 Shop 24/7 at www.seawide.com Cleaners • CLEANING & MAINTENANCE SIMPLYTHE BEST Cleans, lubricates, deodorizes and keeps all parts of marine toilets clean and in ef cient working condition. Contains a special non-mineral oil that will not harm leather, rubber or ttings. Conditions by impregnating and lubricating all parts. Eliminates odors. MARINE TOILET CONDITIONER Part No. 825Q — 32 oz (946 ml) Part No. 850Q — 32 oz (946 ml) Only double-action mildew product for boaters! Not only removes ugly mildew stains, but also cleans and restores soiled areas. Great on all mildew areas. MILDEW CLEANER & STAIN REMOVER For rust free water from potable water tanks. Also for use in automobile radiators, hot water heaters or wherever rusty water is a problem. Forms a microscopic lm over all surfaces it touches so that corrosion in metal pipes or tank is controlled. AQUA CLEAR® Part No. 835Q — 32 oz (946 ml) Highly-effective, all-purpose cleaner that whisks away black streaks, grease, oxidation and rust from all marine surfaces. Eliminates tough stains on berglass gelcoat, vinyl, fenders, Formica and canvas. Easyto-use trigger spray. Easy, direct application. SPRAY-ALL® Part No. 845Q — 32 oz (946 ml) Heavy duty, scratch-free, all purpose cleaner for berglass decks, hulls and transoms. Removes waterline stains, algae, rust, exhaust, oxidation and grime. Reach for Sudbury Heavy Duty Powder Fiberglass Cleaner when liquid cleaners fail. For use with fresh or salt water. HEAVY DUTY FIBERGLASS POWDER CLEANER Part No. 840Q — 1 lb 10 oz (.74 kg) Non abrasive, stain lifting gel; ideal for berglass gelcoat. Chemically lifts water-line, rust, growth, and tough exhaust stains. Especially well suited for new boats. spray allows easy, direct application. FIBERGLASS STAIN LIFTER GEL Part No. 846P — 16 oz (473 ml) Part No. 846-64 — 64 oz (1.892 l) Removes waterline, algae, rust, and gas exhaust stains from your boat’s bottom and hull areas instantly. Softens barnacle rings and zebra mussels. ALL-OFF® HULL & BOTTOM CLEANER Part No. 2032Q — 32 oz (946 ml) Part No. 20128G — 128 oz (3.785 l) Specially designed to clean EVA foam, Polyethelyne foam, Vinyl, and PVC decks. Cleans without abrasives. Cleans stubborn deck stains including grease, algae, sh blood and other tough stains. FOAM DECK ZOAP®/ EVA FOAM CLEANER Part No. 812-32 — 32 oz (946 ml) Part No. 812-64 — 64 oz (3.785 l) (S9D)