2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

186 Your Local, Nationwide Distributor CLEANING & MAINTENANCE • Cleaners SIMPLYTHE BEST The most popular boat cleaner in the world. Allpurpose, non-caustic cleaner that works well in fresh or salt, hot or cold water. Removes gull droppings and harbor scum. Great for washing greasy pots, pans, stoves, sinks and dishes. Excellent for washing sails. BOAT ZOAP® Part No. 805BT4 — 4 oz Part No. 805Q — 32 oz (946 ml) Part No. 8055G — 5 gal (18.92 l) Part No. 805G — 128 oz (3.785 l) Part No. 880-32 — 32 oz (946 ml) Cleans painted aluminum outdrives, outboard lower units and sail drives. Removes tough deposits without harming paint or gelcoat. ALL OFF OUTDRIVE CLEANER Heavy duty, concentrated formula. Protects hull from costly deterioration. Dissolves, emulsi es and combines grease, oil and scum with bilge water. Kills bilge odor. AUTOMATIC™ BILGE CLEANER Part No. 800BT4 — 4 oz Part No. 800Q — 32 oz (946 ml) Part No. 800G — 128 oz (3.785 l) Part No. 800FFG — 55 gal (208 l) Wash N Wax! The ultimate wash and wax that protects and shines while washing away dirt and grime in one easy step. Clean and extend your vehicle’s shine between regular waxing. Provides superior protection for your boat, car, rv, motor-cycle, and more. ZOAP® & SHINE Part No. 809Q — 32 oz (946 ml) Part No. 809G — 128 oz (3.785 l) Citrus extract formula which emulsi es oil, grease, gasoline, diesel fuel and transmission uid with the roll of your boat. Leaves a fresh smelling citrus bilge. AUTOMATIC™ CITRUS BILGE CLEANER Part No. 802BT4 — 4 oz Part No. 802Q — 32 oz (946 ml) Heavy duty, works like powders without the abrasion. Double-action emulsi cation removes scum, smudges, oil and grease. Ideal for berglass. Will not damage nish or gelcoat surfaces. Not for use on sails or fabrics. 100%biodegradable formula. BOAT ZOAP® PLUS Part No. 810BT4 — 4 oz Part No. 810Q — 32 oz (946 ml) Part No. 810G — 128 oz (3.785 l) For fresh-tasting, odorfree drinking water from berglass, plastic, or metal tanks. Simply deposit the contents of these handy packets into water tanks. AQUA FRESH® Part No. 830 Eight (8) 2 oz (0.6 kg) packets per box Penetrates and instantly removes deep stains, rust, and growths from berglass gelcoat and aluminum surfaces with no scrubbing. Contains Oxalic Acid. Strong and effective, but safe to use. New trigger spray allows easy, direct application. HULL CLEANER & STAIN REMOVER Part No. 815Q— 32 oz (946 ml) (S9D)