2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

179 Shop 24/7 at www.seawide.com Cleaning • CLEANING & MAINTENANCE (M55) Color Restorer Safely removes light oxidation, stains and blemishes on all berglass gel coat marine or RV surfaces. Revives faded, oxidized surfaces to their original vibrant color. Part No. M4416 16 oz. Cleaner Wax A non-abrasive formula that cleans, polishes and protects all berglass gel coat marine or RV surfaces in one easy step. Removes light oxidation and haze, minor scratches and swirls while providing long-lasting protection against salt air, corrosion and the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Available in liquid or paste. Part No. Description M5016 16 oz. M5032 32 oz. MEGUIARS Wax The spray wax method can quickly add protection and gloss to large surfaces typical on boats and RV’s. Whether the surface is wet or dry, this specialized formulation will create a brilliant gloss while adding wax protection. Suitable for use on berglass, painted surfaces, stainless steel, and clear plastics. Use wax only after surface has been cleaned and restored to a “like new” or “average” nish Part No. M5916 Vinyl & Rubber Protectant Cleans, revitalizes, and protects vinyl and rubber surfaces in one easy step. Screens out damaging UV rays that can dry out or crack the surface. Part No. M5716 16 oz. Flagship Marine Wax Dramatically enriches color and shine of berglass and gel coat surfaces. Effective in removing light oxidation and dullness, restoring gloss, and adding protection from UV damage. Use wax only after the surface has been cleaned and restored to a “like new” or “average” nish. Part No. Description M6316 16 oz. M6332 32 oz. M6301 1 gal. Marine Paste Wax Wax prevents aging from UV rays and surface from contaminants. Effective in removing light oxidation and dullness, restoring gloss. Wax can be safely applied with a dual action polisher or by hand. Part No. M6311 16 oz. One-Step Compound This advanced aggressive, yet safe compound will clean and restore gloss to the gel coat surface in one step. Removes moderate to heavy oxidation, scratches, stains and tough water spots. Restores color and leaves a rich gloss on the treated surface. Incredible results by hand or machine. Part No. M6732 32 oz. Power Cut Compound Professional grade compound is formulated for the professional detailers. Fast cutting, low swirl compound removes sanding scratches and heavy oxidation without scouring the nish like traditional compounds. It is designed to offer speed and ef ciency on marine berglass gel coat surfaces. Part No. M9132 32 oz. Part No. M180332 32 oz. Multi-Surface Cleaner Ready to use, just spray and wipe multi-purpose cleaner. Quickly removes waterline marks, dirt, grime, sh blood and more. For use on outboard motors/drives, canvas, non-skid areas, berglass or gel coat. Pleasant tropical Blood Orange scent. Part No. M5616 16 oz. Pure Wax Blend of pure Brazilian carnauba wax with silicones, polymers and resins will maintain an extraordinary gloss and provide long-lasting protection for your boat. Protects against damaging UV rays. Hard Water Spot Remover Thick, low-drip formula remains on vertical surfaces for easy cleaning of water spots. Chemically embraces and lifts mineral deposits. Protects surface from future water spots. Part No. M4716 16 oz.