2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

178 Your Local, Nationwide Distributor Part No. M19716 16 oz. (M55) Marine Premium Polish Fiberglass Restoration Kit Water Spot Detailer Restores all marine paint surfaces. Protects against damaging acid rain and environmental pollutants with a non-harsh abrasive, non-staining formula. Safely and effectively removes mild oxidation and water spots. Protects, rejuvenates and adds gloss to marine paint and LP finishes. Works on gel coat too! Part No. M4965 Three-step kit restores all fiberglass gel-coats. Oxidation Remover eliminates oxidation, stains and scratches. Polish restores a brilliant gloss to finishes and Pure Wax provides long-lasting protection to restored surfaces. Includes 16 oz. bottles of Oxidation Remover, High-Gloss Polish and Pure Wax. New Boat Owners Kit Flagship Premium Wash-N-Wax Exclusive blend of carnauba and synthetic polymers add a valuable layer of wax protection while also delivering great cleaning results. Emulsifies salt spray, dirt, bird droppings and boat scum, plus protects against salt air corrosion and damaging UV rays while adding a brilliant, streak-free shine. Ideal for non-skid areas, no extra rubbing required. Part No. M4232 32 oz. Part No. M180232 32 oz. Part No. M4516 16 oz. Flagship Premium Cleaner & Wax Unique formula effortlessly removes light oxidation and water spots, minor scratches and haze while adding brilliant gloss and superior protection. Powerful ingredients provide long-lasting protection against salt air corrosion and damaging UV rays. Ideal for fiberglass, painted and gel coated surfaces. Works great on all colors and in direct sunlight. Effectively removes stubborn water spots with ease. Leaves durable water-beading polymer protection behind. Just spray and wipe away. Pleasant tropical Pineapple scent – no strong acid smell. High Gloss Polish Restores optimal gloss on gel-coat and painted marine or RV surfaces after cleaning. Restores valuable oils to feed and nourish the surface. Especially effective on dark colors. Gel Wash Rich, biodegradable wash gently lifts boat scum, dirt, salt spray, grime, bird droppings and other loose contaminants without stripping wax protection. Sheeting action greatly reduces drying time. Oxidation Removers Removes moderate oxidation, scratches, stains and tough water spots on all fiberglass gel coat and painted surfaces. Restores color by removing surface degradation. Vinyl & Rubber Protectant Lightly cleans, revitalizes, and protects vinyl and rubber surfaces. Screens out damaging UV rays that can dry out or crack the surface. Leaves satin finish without greasy feel. Pleasant Pina Colada scent. Part No. M180132 32 oz. Part No. M6132 32 oz. Part No. Description M5416 16 oz. M4364 64 oz. Part No. Description M4916 16 oz. M4901 1 gal. Part No. M6385 Kit CLEANING & MAINTENANCE • Cleaning Kit includes: (M6316) Flagship Premium Wax, (M9424) Flagship Ulimate Detailer, (M5416) Marine Gel Wash, Wax Applicator and Micro Fiber Towel.