2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

Your Local, Nationwide Distributor 126 ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING • Chargers/Solar Smart Battery Chargers Maintain your battery. - 2 or 3 Stage Charging - For all types of Lead Acid Battery type - Rapidly charges and maintains your batteries PART# SOLAR PANEL SC-05 5W SC-10 10W PART# TYPE DC-FA-100 100A Fuse Assembly* DC-FA-200 200A Fuse Assembly* DC-FA-300 300A Fuse Assembly* CFB2-400 400A Fuse Block MRBF-100 100A Replacement Fuse MRBF-200 200A Replacement Fuse MRBF-300 300A Replacement Fuse JLLN-400 400A Replacement Fuse DC-FB-2 Double Pole Fuse Bar † Circuit Protection Automatic Transfer Switch Automatically detects Utility or Generator and allows a seamless transition from the inverter or battery. STS-30 DC-FA-100 MRBF-100 CFB2-400 JLLN-400 DC-FB-2 * Fuse assembly includes single pole fuse bar, fuse, insulating cap and hardware. † Double pole fuse bar includes nuts and washers (not shown). Battery Accessories PART# TYPE AMPS BG-60 Battery Guard 60 BG-200 Battery Guard 200 ACR-160 Automatic Charge Isolator 160 BW-01 Battery Monitor N/A BW-03 Battery Monitor N/A ACR-160 BG-200 BW-01 AUTOMATIC CHARGE ISOLATOR Separate or parallel starter and auxiliary battery banks: - Protects the start battery from deep discharge - Recharges 2 battery banks BATTERY GUARD - Prevents excessive discharge of batteries - Longer battery life - Prevents damage to connected components BATTERY MONITORS Intelligent, microprocessor based battery voltage monitors. - Programmable alarm thresholds - Audio alarm at high and low voltage levels - BW-03 can monitor two batteries BW-03 Inverter Installation Kit Simplifly your install. * Choose your kit based on the size of your inverter. PART# FUSE INVERTER* DC-1000-KIT 100A 600 - 1000W DC-2000-KIT 200A 1000 - 1700W DC-2500-KIT 300A 1700 - 2500W DC-2500-KIT-XL 300A 1700 - 2500W DC-3500-KIT 400A 2500 - 3500W PART# OUTPUT CURRENT STS-30 30A PART# OUTPUT CHARGING CURRENT SEC-1215UL 12 VDC 15A SEC-1230UL 12 VDC 30A SEC-1250UL 12 VDC 50A SEC-1280UL 12 VDC 80A SEC-2415UL 24 VDC 15A SEC-2425UL 24 VDC 25A SEC-2440UL 24 VDC 40A 900-RC: For use with 25A,40A,50A & 80A models. Comes with 33’ cable. SEC-1215UL 2 Year Limited Warranty SOLAR POWER Keep your batteries charged. Battery Maintainers SC-05 SC-10 - Very wide operating temperature of -50°C to 105°C - High strand count, annealed copper conductors for high flexibility - Has layers of insulation that provide resistance to abrasion, oils, acids and heat V H H VVV 900-RC 2 Year Limited Warranty Marine Power Solutions (S6A)