2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

Shop 24/7 at www.seawide.com 125 Power Conversion Products Since 1991 PART# INPUT SIZE SAM-100-12† 12 VDC 100W SAM-250-12† 12 VDC 250W SAM-450-12† 12 VDC 450W SAM-800-12† 12 VDC 800W SAM-1000-12 12 VDC 1000W SAM-1500-12 12 VDC 1500W SAM-2000-12 12 VDC 2000W SAM-3000-12 12 VDC 3000W SAM-RC: 1000-3000W models. 10’ cable. † USB Charging Port SAM Series Inverters Modified SineWave - Designed for small spaces - Soft start & cool surface technology - Safety certified with protections for thermal, battery overload, short circuit & earth fault. SAM-1000-12 SAM-RC EVOLUTIONTM Series Inverter/Chargers Pure SineWave - Robust unit that switches between shore power, generator, and batteries - 3X Surge for high startup loads - Lithium battery compatibility - EVO-2212, EVO-3012: 2 Separate AC Inputs for Shore Power & Generator PART# INPUT SIZE BATTERY CHARGER EVO-1212F 12 VDC 1200W 60A EVO-1212F-HW 12 VDC 1200W 60A EVO-RC-PLUS: 1200W Models. 33’ Cable EVO-2212 12 VDC 2200W 100A EVO-3012 12 VDC 3000W 130A EVO-2224 24 VDC 2200W 70A EVO-4024 24 VDC 4000W 110A EVO-RC: 2200, 3000W & 4000 models. 33’ cable. PART# INPUT SIZE SSW-350-12A† 12 VDC 350W SSW-600-12A† 12 VDC 600W † USB Charging Port SSW-350-12A SSW Series Inverters Pure SineWave - Budget friendly inverter with surge and soft start 2 Year Limited Warranty EVO-RC-PLUS EVO-1212F 1 AC Input 3 Year Limited Warranty PART# INPUT SIZE PST-120-12 12 VDC 120W PST-150-12 12 VDC 150W PST-300-12 † 12 VDC 300W PST-600-12 † 12 VDC 600W PST-1000-12 † 12 VDC 1000W PST-1000F-12 † 12 VDC 1000W PST-1500-12* † 12 VDC 1500W PST-2000-12* † 12 VDC 2000W PST-3000-12* † 12 VDC 3000W RC-15A: 600 & 1000W models. 15’ cable. RC-300: 1500 to 3000W models. 25’ cable. PST Series Inverters Pure SineWave - Commercial grade inverter built for periods of long heavy use - Identical to household electricity - Quiet Operation - Won’t disrupt the reception of your TV, stereos and home office equipment RC-300 PST-3000-12 3 Year Limited Warranty PART# INPUT SIZE NTX-1000-12 12 VDC 1000W NTX-1500-12 12 VDC 1500W NTX-2000-12 12 VDC 2000W NTX-3000-12 12 VDC 3000W NTX-RC: 16’ Cable NTX-1500-12 NTX-RC (Included) 2 Year Limited Warranty NTX Series Inverters Pure SineWave - Compact & light, easily fits in small spaces - Samlex Hypersurge™ technology starts high surge loads with ease - No electrical interference when operating near sensitive equipment COMPLETE POWER SOLUTION HEAVY DUTY POWERFUL PERFORMANCE AFFORDABLE COMPACT DESIGN 2 Year Limited Warranty Meets ABYC A-31 & E-11 Marine Power Solutions (S6A) Chargers/Solar • ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING