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ADJUSTABLE STRAP With LOCKING BUCKLE DESCRIPTION Perfect multi-functional strap for safely locking French door refrigerators and cabinets for on-the-go travel. Also great for hoses, cables, luggage, child proofing, and more! KEY FEATURES • Easily cut for desired length or combine two or more for a longer reach • Durable, high-quality hook-and-loop strap and plastic locking buckle • Red switch ensures buckle will not loosen • Simple installation. No tools required • Dimensions (strap fully extended): 13” x 1” • Comes 2 per package Secure. multi-functional. Durable. ® Part Number: 06-8558 / 05215 Adjustable Strap w/ Locking Buckle. 2/pkg. 13” 1”

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4 NEW PRODUCTS Greatly reduces bad taste, odors, chlorine and sediment in drinking water with a 100 Micron fiber filter. Durable in-line, exterior mount filter has a wider body to increase flow. It also has a high-flow carbon filter with KDF to help prevent bacteria growth. TastePURE™ Fresh Water Filter 10-0419 Multi-piece ramp system designed for loading vehicles or other wheeled equipment onto docks, trucks, or trailers. Their lightweight aluminum construction makes them lightweight and portable without sacrificing any toughness! Folds from 8' to 4' and can be stored in a short bed truck. A great solution for all loading and unloading needs. From flatbed trailers to loading docks, these ramps provide heavy-duty support as well as excellent traction due to their textured cross-patterns. This provides extra support and safety for wet and/or muddy tires. Heavy-Duty Ramps 08-6291 2″ Shank Heavy-Duty 600lb Serrated Hitch Step (42″ Wide Van Step). Works with GEN-Y Hitches and Standard Receivers. Serrated No Slip Surface. Truck Step Filtered Water Bottle Clean drinking water is easily accessible in an emergency with the filtered water bottle. It's ideal for filtering water from natural resources such as lakes, ponds, streams, rain water and stored water. Water bottle also improves the taste, odor and clarity of the water. 06-8557 08-1277

5 Transform your campsite into a relaxing outdoor oasis with premium accessories from Lippert. From functional folding tables to popup gazebos and portable grills, you can elevate your outdoor experience with comfort and convenience. CAMPSITE ACCESSORIES POP-UP GAZEBOS & SUN SHELTERS CHAIRS, SOFAS, TABLES & ACCESSORIES • Breathable mesh screen walls • Easily set up and tear down in minutes • Water-resistant and flame-retardant material • Available in multiple unique collections • Folding designs for easy storage and transport • Enhances your campsite experience 07-9893 07-9892 06-7716 07-9891 08-4070 07-8451 06-1027 06-1029 06-1030 07-8440 07-9897 07-8461

6 RV Hose Connections Thermoplastic LP Pigtail Hose STANDARD ACME Nut x 1/4” male inverted flare x QCC • Connects to propane tanks to auto changeover regulator • Flexible thermoplastic UL and CGA approved hose • These hoses are rated up to 350 psig working pressure with a 400-pound pull test rating • Each hose comes with fully crimped brass ferrules on each end • GREEN Type I Nut for use on RV application ONLY (200,000 BTU/H) • Available in 12” - 60” lengths, bulk or packaged NTP-STAG# MFG # Description 06-0279 MER425-12 12” Bulk 06-0280 MER425-15 15” Bulk 06-0422 MER425-18 18” Bulk 06-0281 MER425-20 20” Bulk 06-0282 MER425-24 24” Bulk 06-0283 MER425-30 30" Bulk 06-0284 MER425-36 36" Bulk 06-0285 MER425-48 48" Bulk 06-0297 MER425-60 60" Bulk 06-0376 MER425-12P 12” Pkg. 06-0413 MER425-15P 15” Pkg. 06-0414 MER425-18P 18” Pkg. 06-0393 MER425-20P 20” Pkg. 06-0383 MER425-24P 24” Pkg. 06-0395 MER425-30P 30” Pkg. 06-0050 MER425-36P 36” Pkg. 06-0047 MER425-48P 48” Pkg. 06-0049 MER425-60P 60" Pkg. Lights Too Bright? Replace with DIAMOND and MAKE IT RIGHT! 3” and 4”OEM Replacement Lights • Middle push on/off button with dimming feature to 50% of light output • Surface mount • 5 Year Warranty • Available in bright & soft white 08-1526 DG72410VP - 3“ Bright White 08-1527 DG72410WVP - 3” Soft White 08-1528 DG72411VP - 4” Bright White 08-1529 DG72411WVP - 4“ Soft White NEW

7 Our top-of-the-line RV mattresses are expertly made and supremely comfortable! Each RV mattress is available in a variety of sizes to ensure the perfect fit no matter the sleeping capacity of your vehicle. Variations such as short, narrow, bunk, and rounded edges are available! SPACE SAVING GADGETS - GREAT FOR RV’S NTP-STAG # 69-6915 06-7981 06-7982 06-7980 72-4174 00-3860 00-3861 00-3859 00-3858 72-4178 72-2841 72-2843 72-4180 72-2846 14-4460 69-6925 69-9541 69-9542 KT4001 72-4181 72-4176 69-6916 62-1462 69-9544 03-7608 02-3335 03-1887 06-8713 03-1887 DESCRIPTION Collapsible Dish Drainer Collapsible 1.5 Qt Hand Strainer Collapsible 3 Qt Colander Collapsible Over-the-Sink 6 Qt Colander Microwave Plates 1 Cup Reusable Silicone Bag (Clear) 1 Cup Reusable Silicone Bag (Teal) 3 Cup Reusable Silicone Bag (Teal) 3 Cup Reusable Silicone Bag (Clear) Microwave Small Bacon Grill Set Of 3 Icy Bottle Sticks Lemon Squeezer Microwave Breakfast Egg Sandwich Maker 6-in-1 Multi Opener Can Opener Everything Clips Collapsible Measuring Cups Flexible Measuring Spoons Kitchen Scissors with Magnetic Cover Paring Knives Microwave Fish & Veggie Steamer Collapsible Tub Butter Keeper Collapsible Storage Bowl Set Fresh Guacamole Keeper SnapLock - Lunch Plus Collapsible Mini Colander Microwave Food Cover Collapsible Storage Bowl Set QTY 3 6 6 3 3 6 6 6 6 6 3 6 3 3 3 6 3 3 3 3 3 1 3 3 3 6 12 8 3

8 07-9090 EP95W-21 21´ x 9´6˝ White 07-9110 EP95W-25 25´ x 9´6˝ White 07-9114 EP95W-30 30´ x 9´6˝ White 07-9112 EP95W-35 35´ x 9´6˝ White 07-9095 EP95W-40 40´ x 9´6˝ White 07-9099 EP95W-45 45´ x 9´6˝ White 07-9091 EP95W-50 50´ x 9´6˝ White

9 *Display will ship freight prepaid. STACK PACK PROMOTION ORDER 144 CARTRIDGES OF GEOCEL® PRO-FLEX®RV AND RECEIVE A FREE HAND TRUCK* • Open cases for individual cartridge sales • Can also be sold as 24-cartridge packs • Full color graphics • Easily placed anywhere in the store NTP-STAG MFG# Qty Color 09-7196 GC06800 144 Clear 62-5934 GC08795 144 Clear (California only) 07-8850 GC08791 144 Bright white 13-5152 GC08792 72 each color Clear and bright white 62-5936 GC08793 48 each color Clear, bright white and black (G6D) PLANOGRAM 2 Rolls 4 Rolls 4 Rolls 06-5608 QRCP-PG 13-2341 QRCP86 8"x6' 13-2340 QRCP46 4"x6' 13-3760 QRCP420 4"x20'

10 Dometic CCF-T, Console Truck Refrigerator The comfort of being home…on the go. Dometic’s innovative CCF-T Center Console Refrigerator fits seamlessly into the console of newer Chevrolet, Ford, and GM trucks and SUVs, providing maximum refrigerated space for drivers and their passengers. The CCF-T: • Holds 12 12-ounce cans • Never needs ice • Installs in 30 minutes • Runs off the 12V socket in the truck’s center console Shop on COLD FOOD & DRINKS, ON THE GO

11 Stay longer, enjoy more Meet the CFX3, Dometic’s newest generation of powered coolers. The CFX3 Powered Cooler series has impressive design and cooling/freezing performance upgrades while retaining its rugged history that outdoor enthusiasts demand. No ice needed. From extended adventures to weekend trips, the Dometic CFX3 is available in multiple sizes, including the world’s fi rst single zone powered cooler with a built-in ice compartment: the CFX3 55IM. Paired with the Dometic PLB40 Portable Lithium Ion Battery and the new Dometic Outdoor Drinkware line, bringing more of the food and drinks you love on your next journey has never been easier. At Dometic, we believe in Mobile Living Made Easy. Shop on BUILT FOR THE OUTDOORS

12 KEEP YOUR COOL FOR DAYS Dometic Patrol Coolers High outside temperatures, uneven terrain, dust and mud... the “indestructible” Patrol coolers take all this in their stride! Patrol coolers are equipped with extremely effective insulation. Depending on use and weather conditions, once the cool packs or ice are placed inside, they will keep groceries, fish, bait and wild game fresh for days! They also come with a 7 year limited warranty. Compared to other hard surfaace coolers, Patrol: • Deep-freeze lid seal ensures no gaps for air to enter or escape • Rugged construction with one-piece roto-molded polyethylene. • One-handed rubber latches for convenient opening and closing of the lid Shop on

13 Find all the parts and components to build out your dream rig with Go Power! products. Solar, batteries, and everything in between. Keep your batteries charged, your coffee brewing, and your lights shining for longer with a silent, renewable mobile power system.

14 Thomas Payne® Sleeping Bags Folding Shovel Fire Extinguisher Eco-Friendly Fire Extinguisher LED Flashlights Awning First Aid Kit FLi PRO Camp Site Light 45 QT Cooler With Accessories Outdoor Rec

15 Solar Batteries Backup Camera Power Inverters 3.7 Cubic Foot Refrigerator With Freezer Battery Boxes Boost Jump Starters 12V Battery Parallel Quick Connect System Handheld GMRS Radio RedVision System reation

16 Outdoor Rec Porta Potti® Nomadic Tent Liquid Storage Containers Toilet Tissue Winches XTray Roof Basket Truck Bed Air Mattress Shackles Dry Box

reation 17 Rear Seat Air Mattress Hydraulic Bumper Jack MaxTrax Lite Traction Mat Mechanical Hi-Lift Jack Speedy Seal Tire Repair Kit Tire Pressure Gauge Winch Rigging Kit X-Jack Balloon Jack EGOI Air Compressor

18 I Much like other outdoor activities in the past few years, Outdoor Recreation is becoming a popular way to explore. Outdoor Recreation, or Overlanding – by definition - is adventuring by vehicle, often to remote destinations to explore unknown places, meet fellow adventurers, and experience new activities. Ultimately, it’s an alternative form of traveling (and living) for some. And, unlike RVing, where fellow travelers will occupy most camps, the goal for most Overlanders is to retreat far into the great wilderness. That said, Overlanding requires more preparation and forethought than other outdoor activities. This article will review things that should be considered before hitting the open road. Outdoor Recreation Vehicles Outdoor recreation enthusiasts spend a lot of time in their vehicles and cover varying types of terrain. So, they will need a specific kind of vehicle. When choosing a vehicle, look for one that can go off-road, navigate well in various conditions, and one that people can comfortably spend a lot of time in. Finding a balance of comfort and utility is the key and will vary depending on the person. Some people completely gut and customize a vehicle to create one that’s right for them. However, plenty of outdoor recreation automobiles work as-is for a comfortable and exciting adventure. Some things to consider when purchasing an outdoor recreation automobile include: • Trip length • Driving style (how much off-roading will be done?) • Budget • Gas mileage • Storage Off-Grid Gear After choosing the ideal vehicle, it’s time to get the Outdoor camping gear ready. You want to ensure your customers have the necessities for a comfortable, exciting, and safe adventure. Remember that Outdoor Recreation trips often mean being off the grid and unable to access essential items. That said, it could make driving something carrying a lot of weight more difficult. So, consider the weight of your customer’s items and don’t bring things that aren’t needed. Navigation and Communication Tools Outdoor Recreation often takes your customer off the beaten path, so it’s essential to have navigation and communication tools to help your customer find the way and stay connected with the outside world. Some useful tools include GPS units, paper maps, satellite phones, two-way radios, and cell phone boosters. Camping Gear One of the best things about outdoor recreation is the freedom to camp in remote and beautiful locations. To make the most of your camping experience, you’ll need a range of camping gear, including a tent, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, camping chairs, and a portable stove. It’s also a good idea to pack a portable shower and toilet for when you’re in remote areas without access to amenities. Food and Water When off-grid, your customer will need to plan and prepare their meals, so bringing enough food and water for the entire trip is essential. Pack non-perishable food items like canned goods, dried fruits and nuts, energy bars, and snacks. Bring a water filter or purification tablets to ensure clean drinking water is accessible throughout your customer’s journey. Electricity To keep devices charged while overlanding, your customer wants to have some sort of power setup. Your customer can use a portable options that require no installation or install a solar panel on top of a vehicle. A simple solar system is often preferred over a small generator, as it’s more eco-friendly and doesn’t require more gas. It requires sunlight and powers your devices from stored energy. Pairing the solar and battery with an inverter to convert your power gives you consistent access to electricity. If you’re taking a shorter trip or planning to head back to civilization regularly, a portable power station and a small solar panel should offer enough energy for your journey. Outdoor Recreation Going Off-Road & Off-the-Grid By Eva Mitic, Marketing Manager, Go Power!



21 18-2797 WH03042 3300/3000 WATT ELECTRIC START DUAL FUEL INVERTER GENERATOR PARALLEL READY CARB AND cETL CERTIFIED NTP PART# 18-2754 1001 RACK 18-2795 W03383 3650/3300 WATT REMOTE START INVERTER GENERATOR CARB AND cETL CERTIFIED 18-2789 W01784 2100/1700 WATT RECOIL START INVERTER GENERATOR CARB AND cETL CERTIFIED FREE DISPLAY RACK WHEN YOU BUY 6 OR MORE GENERATORS The Original Campfire Grill 69-0748 The Original campfire grill, was designed for the large family and bigger party campers. The grilling surface is big enough to cook for many. A two-piece stake is solid steel. The grill rack connects to the stake with an L-Shaped screw. Grill has the patented raised edge which allows the chef to position food over the entire grilling area, right to the edge of the rack, without fear of losing it to the fire

22 THREE PACKS AVAILABLE : BATTERY CABLE SmartLink TEMPERATURE CABLE SmartTemp SmartSense SmartPressure STANDARD STARTER PREMIUM optional upgrade + optional upgrade + optional upgrade + PROSMART ProSmart Standard PROSMART-P ProSmart Premium PROSMART-S ProSmart Starter P P • Propane levels in your LP tank • Temperatures in the fridge, freezer or inside your vehicle • Tire pressure (TPMS) • 12V battery charge • Water levels in your fresh or grey water tanks (Dipper sold separately) • Open/close status of doors & vents (SmartSecure sold separately) Monitor vital parameters at your fingertips: Easy DIY installation Easy to use free app Connect up to 40 Bluetooth sensors Up to 4 mobile devices Up to 4 water tanks Includes a SmartLink, a powered node that you can easily install and pair with your smartphone KEY FEATURES Make your RV smart with a wireless monitoring system! Each pack contains:

23 ADD-ON RV SENSOR RANGE SmartConnect • Monitor LP tank for remaining propane levels SmartSense • Monitor your tanks with this digital water level sensor Dipper • Monitor the open/ close status of doors, windows, vents and some appliances SmartSecure • Complete SmartConnect Kit, Package includes, SmartSense, SmartTemp, SmartPressure, 1 x toolkit WIRELESS RV SENSOR RANGE SmartConnect TEAM BMPRO .COM *products are displayed in hang-cell blister packs SmartConnect Kit • Monitor tire pressure and temperature • Quick install kit included SmartPressure • Monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures • Monitor temperatures in appliances SmartTemp SmartConnect is a range of sensors that monitor temperature, tire pressure, propane gas levels and more, all with one FREE app. SmartConnect can be used with existing BMPRO smart systems in your RV. 05-9036 SMARTC SmartConnect 1 x SmartSense, 1 x SmartTemp, 2 x SmartPressure, 1 x toolkit 05-9037 SMARTC-P SmartConnect Premium 2 x SmartSense, 2 x SmartTemp, 4 x SmartPressure, 1 x toolkit 05-9039 SMARTS SmartSense- 1 sensor 05-9040 SMARTS-P SmartSense Premium - 2 sensors 05-9041 SMARTT SmartTemp - 1 sensor 05-9038 SMARTP SmartPressure - 2 sensors 06-8859 SMARTSEC SmartSecure - 1 sensor 05-9029 DIPPER 2.5 Dipper 2.5 mtr cable length 05-9030 DIPPER 5.0 Dipper 5.0 mtr cable length 05-9031 DIPPER 7.5 Dipper 7.5 mtr cable length

24 MULTIMETER ELECTRICAL TESTER KIT • Receptacle Tester – Tests standard 120V AC outlets • Multimeter – 600V AC/DC voltage range • Non-Contact Voltage Tester – 90-1000V detection range 64-7078 10037K 400A AC/DC CLAMP METER WITH TRUE RMS • 400A AC/DC current range • CAT III 600V safety rating • True RMS accuracy • Built-in non-contact voltage tester • Third-hand test probe holder 05-3407 21550T GFCI RECEPTACLE TESTER • Tests standard 120V AC outlets • Tests GFCI outlets • 7 tests in 1 05-3408 40022S HEAVY-DUTY 7-IN-1 MULTI TOOL PLIERS • Heavy-Duty forged steel • 7-in1: shears, grips, wire stripper, bolt spanner, bolt shears, crimper, and reamer • Strips 10-14 AWG SOL and 12-16 AWG STR • Spring loaded handles 05-3409 S7N1HD HAND TOOLS, METERS, & LIGHTING MANUAL RANGING MULTIMETER • 600V AC/DC voltage range • CAT III 300V safety rating • Built-in test lead holder • 7 functions 05-3406 10031S CAMPER’S TOOL KIT • Multimeter – Measure Battery & Outlet Voltage, Check Fuses • Multi-Tool Plier – Cut, Grip, Strip Wire, & Crimp • Multi-Bit Driver – 9 Bits: Phillips, Cabinet, Square, & Hex • LED Headlamp – 2 Modes: 120 & 50 Lumens. Adjustable Strap • Pocket Knife – Compact & Folding Blade • Buss Blade Fuses – 10A, 15A, 20A, & 30A • Electrical Tape – 30 Feet • Cable Ties – 14 Inch Length 30-2674 EM-KIT ELECTRICAL Inverters, Tool Kit TruePower Plus Inverters Our next generation of TruePower Plus Inverters are available in both Modified Sine Wave (MS) and Pure Sine Wave (PS) models. Designed to convert 12V DC battery power to 115V AC and will automatically pass through AC Inlet power when present. 62-2571 07100 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter 62-2572 07200 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter 62-2568 06120 1200W Modified Sine Wave Inverter 62-2569 06150 1500W Modified Sine Wave Inverter 62-2570 06200 2000W Modified Sine Wave Inverter • 15 essential tools and assorted parts all in one convenient tool bag • Kit includes: a multimeter, test light, LED headlamp, tire gauge, wire stripper multi-tool, SAE allen wrench set, ratcheting screwdriver set, fuse set, wire connectors, screws, utility knife, zip ties, electrical tape, duct tape and KN95 face masks RV TOOL KIT FIX IT ON THE FLY 06-8255

25 BATTERY BOXES Heavy-duty “strap-style” battery boxes are vented and made of lightweight, high-strength polypropylene to withstand impact and battery acid. Our battery boxes meet USCG specs. Each box comes complete with lid, strap and mounting brackets. Available in 3 popular sizes. 06-0570 13034 Group 24 Battery Box 11.5”L x 8”W x 8.5”H 06-0573 13035 Group 27 Battery Box 14”L x 8”W x 8.5”H 06-0581 13228 Group GC-2 Battery Box 11.5”L x 8”W x 9.5”H BATTERY HOLD-DOWN STRAPS Straps include a woven polypropylene strap with firm grip buckle plus a hardware kit of two polypropylene tie-down brackets and stainless steel screws. 06-0592 12024 42” Strap Kit 06-0596 13339 42” Strap Kit, Bulk 06-0583 11796 54” Strap Kit NOCOBOOST® ULTRASAFE LITHIUM JUMP STARTERS. Safely jump start a dead battery in seconds with this compact, yet powerful portable lithium car battery jump starter pack. Safe and easy to use without the worry of incorrect connections or sparks. Safely connect to any 12-volt automotive car battery with our mistake-proof design featuring spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection. STORAGE. • ULTRASAFE USB POWER TECHNOLOGY. ON-THE-GO. SNAP-TOP COMMERCIAL Battery Boxes Group U18" x 8.2" x 7" Group 24 10.5'' x 7.2" x 9.6" 6-Volt 10.6" x 7.6" x 11.2" Group 24-3114" x 7.1" x 9.6" Group 2713.2" x 7.2" x 10" Dual 6-Volt 14.6" x 10.5" x 11.5" Dual L1614.4" x 12" x 17.4" 4D 21.2" x 9.6" x 11.1" SD 21" x 11.8" x 10.3" Dual SD 21" x 23" x 10.6" Battery Boxes 0 II YEAR-LONG LITHIUM CHARGE POWERED. 12V 3000A Battery Trays Group 24 11.3" x 7.3" Group 2713.1" x 7.3" Group 3113.7" x 7.3" 19-4167 19-4168 02-9935 19-4169 19-4166 72-6181 19-0740 19-0843 19-0745 19-0748 19-0331 19-0738 72-5851 96-7295 72-5852 19-1627 19-1628 19-1629

26 Making everyone a “happy camper” can be a challenge sometimes but keeping it comfortable and QUIET is no problem for the MACH 10 NDQ. No matter which Coleman-Mach Quiet Series model you choose, you’ll enjoy quiet, efficient cooling - undisturbed from the moment you turn it on. BLUETOOTH PAIRING Controling your RV Climate has never been easier. AC SETTINGS Set modes and temperatures FAN SETTINGS Set the velocity of the fan DOWNLOAD THE RV COMFORT APP For iOS and Android devices. iOS 9.0 or later Android OS 4.4 or later NTP-STAG MFG# DESCRIPTION 08-1834 45203-8793 MACH 10 NDQ, 13,500 BTU, A/C - Textured Black 74-0050 45203-8763 MACH 10 NDQ, 13,500 BTU, A/C - Textured White 08-1821 45203-6753 MACH 10 NDQ, 13,500 BTU, A/C - Polished White 08-1823 45203-6783 MACH 10 NDQ, 13,500 BTU, A/C - Polished Black 72-9859 9430-720 Bluetooth Ceiling Assembly, Cool Only, White 81-0980 9430-725 Bluetooth Ceiling Assembly, Heat Ready, White Turn hot days into chill ones - QUIETLY! THE QUIET SERIES Keep your cool on the road! Airxcel Inc. Recreation Vehicle Products Brand Portfolio: The Non Ducted Quiet Series Air Conditioners are best enjoyed with the Bluetooth Ceiling Assembly for climate controls at the touch of a finger.

27 Suburban Furnace Cores Feature A 2 Year Limited Warranty. GAS APPLIANCES MUST BE INSTALLED BY A QUALIFIED SERVICE TECHNICIAN Airxcel Inc. Recreation Vehicle Products Brand Portfolio: FURNACE CORE REPLACEMENT NT and Park Models NT-SQ and NT-SEQ SERIES SF-Q and SF-FQ SERIES Replace old and worn out Suburban furnace components with a single, self-contained module. Comfort you can depend on. The Suburban Furnace Core replacement program gives RV service techs and owners an alternative to pulling and replacing old and worn, likely to fail parts - one at a time. Why repair a furnace with individual parts when you can simply install a NEW furnace core? • Reduce repair costs and cycle time at the dealership • Decrease the chances for diagnostic errors • Increase dealer revenue • Provide a furnace upgrade with a new 2 year warranty Give your customer reliable comfort and peace of mind. FOR NT-16SEQ / NT-20SEQ MODLES ORDER NTPSTAG # 2612A 01-1723 FOR NT-16SQ / NT-20SQ MODELS ORDER NTP-STAG # 2611A 01-1722 FOR NT-30SP / NT-34SP MODELS ORDER NTP-STAG # 2613A 01-1724 FOR NT-40 MODELS ORDER NTP-STAG # 2614A 01-1725 FOR PARK MODEL P40 ORDER NTP-STAG # 2615A 01-1726 FOR SF-20Q ORDER NTP-STAG # 2605A 01-1716 FOR SF-20FQ ORDER NTP-STAG # 2606A 01-1717 FOR SF-25Q / SF-30Q ORDER NTP-STAG # 2607A 01-1718 FOR SF-25FQ / SF-30FQ ORDER NTP-STAG # 2608A 01-1719 FOR SF-35Q / SF-42Q ORDER NTP-STAG # 2609A 01-1720 FOR SF-35FQ / SF-42FQ ORDER NTP-STAG # 2610A 01-1721

28 Solid Core, Micro-Polished, Lubricated Steel Cable Crush Resistant, Self-Lubricated Sheathing Teflon Coated Valve Seals Easy Grip Handle Reduces the force required to open and close the valve. Protects the cable and makes operation easier to ensure a tight, leak free paddle seal. Makes opening and closing easier and ensures a tight and reliable long lasting seal. Easy to pull and operate the valve. 100% Factory Tested for a Reliable, Leak Proof Assembly LaSalle Bristol offers a complete line of Termination Valves and adapters for RV use. Proudly make in Indiana since 1970. USES 30% LESS EFFORT TO OPERATE

29 Pure Power Blue’s biological formula outperforms all other biological and enzyme holding tank treatments. With BioBlastPlus™ odor control technology, this product performs under all conditions to control odors and break down waste in gray and black tanks. Clean, green green formula is100% chemical-free and biodgradable. CA compliant. The most powerful RV tank treatment available • High & Low Temperature Control • Liquefies ALL Waste & Tissue • Works in Black & Gray Tanks • Leaves a Fresh Scent 13-0325 V23001 Pure Power Blue, 16 oz. 13-0326 V23002 Pure Power Blue, 32 oz. 13-0327 V23003 Pure Power Blue, 64 oz. 13-0333 V23016 Pure Power Eco Drop-Ins, 12 Pack 13-0332 V23128 Pure Power Blue, 1 Gallon 02-3553 V23400 Pure Power Grey Water, 32 oz. BioBlastPlus With TM Odor Control Technology DF-MK504SLK-SN DF-MK504SLK-CP DF-MK504SLK-MB DF-MK504SLK-MBRG DF-MK504SLK-MBSN 07-9902 07-9903 07-9906 07-9904 07-9905 Satin Nickel (SN) Chrome (CP) Matte Black (MB) MB & RG (MBRG) MB & SN (MBSN) MFG# Part# Finish All Dura Faucets are Lead-Free Certified and Come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty Coil Spring Pull-Down RV Kitchen Faucet This Kitchen Faucet has a modern industrial design and comes with a detachable pull-down sprayer for total sink access. You can easily toggle between aerated and full spray stream functions with the easy touch button. This kitchen faucet features on-handle. Easy 1 or 3-hole installation (comes with optional deck plate). CP MBRG STANDARD RV STARTER KIT DELUXE RV STARTER KIT RV STARTER KITS Everything you need to get on the road to adventure! NTP-STAG# MFG# DESCRIPTION 03-9975 27588A Standard RV Starter Kit 03-9976 27589A Deluxe RV Starter Kit

30 ® Portable Water Softeners ® Portable Water Deionizers • Easy Resin Replacement • Laboratory Grade Water • Non Regenerated Resin • Save Time and Labor • No Need to Towel Dry • Easy and Fast Hook-Up • TDS Meter Eliminates Guessing • Avoids Scale Build-Up • Quick and Easy Regeneration • Saves Money • Compact and Easy to Use • Improves Taste and Odor • Reduces Water Spots • Easily Handles High-Flow Rates The SIMPLE Way to Spot Free Rinse... Size: 22”h x 6.75”dia Weight: 18 lbs Up to 800 gal or 20 days Size: 22”h x 6.75”dia Weight: 18 lbs Size: 22”h x 9.5”dia Weight: 32 lbs Up to 1600 gal or 40 days Size: 22”h x 9.5”dia Weight: 32 lbs 10-0432 02-0124 10-0433 02-0118 Original, Most Compact Model Largest Compact Model The SIMPLE Way to soft water... Laboratory-Grade Deionized Water Sales & Service: 1-866-482-9614 The SIMPLE way to a SPOT FREE rinse... Made In USA. Patent Pending. Multiple Models Available Laboratory-Grade Deionized Water Sales & Service: 1-866-482-9614 The SIMPLE way to a SPOT FREE rinse... Made In USA. Patent Pending. Multiple Models Available Gray Nut for Polyvinyl ½” pipe ½” Straight Valve x 3/8” Comp. for Risers PEX POLYBUTYLENE POLYVINYL Flair-It # ½” Tee One Fitting... ... All Pipe!

31 Water Softeners Attack the Issues of Hard Water: Water softening is the reduction of concentrations of calcium, magnesium and other metal cations (positively charged ions) in hard water. These “hardness ions” can cause a variety of undesired effects, including interfering with soaps and the build-up of limescale. This can affect the life of appliances by causing rust stains, change water taste and odor, create excessive water spots and cause rough, dry skin. More than 85% of American homes have hard water. As avid RVers travel throughout the U.S., they will discover several campgrounds and RV parks have hard water. The Sun Belt states, including Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California, can have “extremely” hard water. With more than 8 million RVs in the U.S. and more than 200,000 RVs made each year, most RVers don’t realize they are damaging their investment with hard water. Sinks, toilets and showers with hard water damage can make it difficult to resell an RV, and hard water will greatly reduce the life of hot water heaters. RVers are also denied the advantages of improved taste and odor that soft water provides for consumption (like for their coffee every morning!). So, what makes water hard? The words “hard water” describe water that contains calcium and magnesium – the hardness minerals. Rainwater begins as soft water, which is free of these hard minerals. As rainwater passes over and through the earth, flowing into lakes, rivers, streams and groundwater, it absorbs hardness minerals. While these minerals aren’t harmful to your health, they do affect the properties of water and its effectiveness for washing and cleaning. Although water hardness usually measures only the total concentrations of calcium and magnesium (the two most prevalent metal ions), iron, aluminum and manganese can also be present at elevated levels in some locations. The presence of iron characteristically gives a brownish color to the calcification instead of white. Water hardness is typically measured in GPG [grains per gallon] or PPM [parts per million]. Soft water will range between 0-3 GPG while moderately hard, hard and very hard range from 3-58 GPG. Total hardness test strips are used to measure “water hardness”. These test strips are perfect for measuring the water source to help determine capacity, the outlet water flow for softness and overall performance of the water softener. They offer a wide range of detection and are calibrated to be accurate and sensitive. With their low cost and high accuracy, hardness test strips also save customers time and money. No more counting drops or waiting for laboratory results, as hardness levels can be determined in seconds. Shop On The Go HERE Selecting a portable water softener: Many factors should be considered when purchasing a water softener for an RV: • Capacity and Weight • The most compact softener is typically about 8,000-grain capacity and weighs about 18 lbs. • The largest compact model will have about 16,000 grains and may weigh about 30 lbs. • Exchange Resin • Only softeners with high-grade premium exchange resin should be considered • The color of resins will not indicate quality • Easy Access for Regeneration • The large mouth opening allows easy filling of the salt • Accessories • Carrying handle • Storage/transportation adapters to eliminate water spillage • Sturdy, stable base Helpful hints about softener units: the ion exchange process which requires salt to be added periodically to the water softener unit. is called “regeneration”. Every softener should undergo back-flushing to maintain the performance of the unit. Using a water carbon filter is a bonus, as it reduces chlorine and total organic compounds improving both taste and odor. However, filters are only effective for small volumes of water and do not dissolve hard water minerals. Deionizers: The SIMPLE way to a SPOT-FREE rinse! Deionized water has ALL the dissolved mineral solids removed. Dissolved solids are the culprit causing water spots after rinsing RVs. As your customers travel across the United States, you will discover that most water sources have various degrees of total dissolved solids [TDS] ranging from 50 up to 1000 PPM of total solids. These solids are water spots which can cause etching of the paint, below surface paint damage requiring time-consuming compounding, and in some cases paint repair. Without deionized water, excessive time and labor are required for toweldrying or very expensive 3rd party cleaning. A deionizer uses ion exchange technology to remove all solids from the water source, leaving no spots after rinsing. Deionization by Ion Exchange In the early 1800s, several scientists discovered the ion exchange process, the ion exchange industry in the U.S. was born in the early 1900s when cation (ions) exchangers were first synthesized. All naturally-occurring water contains dissolved mineral salts. In this solution, salts separate into positively-charged cations and negatively-charged anions. Deionization can reduce the amount of these ions to a very low level through the process of ion exchange. Deionization is commonly achieved by passing the water through successive ion exchange columns. In one column, ions are exchanged for H+ ions. In another column, anions are exchanged for OH- ions. Following a reaction of H+ with OH- ions, no ions remain in the solution. It is produced through ion exchange. Simply said, water flows over porous beads that are positively and negatively charged and the minerals or total dissolved solids are removed. These ion exchange columns are porous beads called exchange resins. Measurement and Limits… Deionized water is measured using a total dissolved solid [TDS] instrument. A TDS meter will measure all the solids in the water stream in parts-per-million [PPM]. Most spot-free applications should not exceed a TDS of 50 PPM. Design and Model selection Deionizers can be found with various designs such as mixed-bed, dual-bed or tri-bed designs using various deionization exchange resins. Top manufacturers will sell units capable of producing laboratory-grade water with applications ranging from spot-free rinses to kidney dialysis. Important parameters for your customers to consider during the deionizer model selection: flow rate, the water quality required, TDS of the water source, usage per week and cost per gallon. High-grade virgin exchange deionizer resin will produce the highest quality water and the greatest capacity with the best consistency over time. Regenerated resins produce lower quality deionized water and will result in less capacity or gallons. They may seem less expensive, but most do not account for these factors…..DON’T let your customers be fooled – have them look at the cost per gallon performance. Softeners vs. Deionizers… DON’T BE CONFUSED Softeners • Use for all internal water applications • Use total hardness test strips for measuring “Water Hardness” • Uses salt to regenerate the resin at various frequencies depending on the hardness of the water source and daily usage. Softener exchange resin has a life of 7-10 years. • Produces water providing many advantages, but they do not produce water that will result in a spot-free rinse. Deionizers • Use for external spot-free rinses • Use TDS meter for measuring “Total Dissolved Solids” • Deionization exchange resin will become exhausted based upon the TDS of the water source and usage • Mixed-Bed deionizer resins cannot be regenerated. Select a high-grade virgin resin as a replacement for best water quality and capacity, this ultimately equates to a lower cost per gallon. • Produces laboratory-grade water that removes mineral solids which cause spots Water Softeners & Deionizers are a Great Investment! By Ben Scherschel, General Manager & Owner, On The Go® Portable Water Softener, LLC

32 Battery Type Indicator Battery Type Selector Button CLAW Insertion Tool PD92201 Accessory Port TM 19-0252 (PD9330V) 30 Amp Converter/Charger with built-in Charge Wizard 19-0258 (PD9345V) 45 Amp Converter/Charger with built-in Charge Wizard 19-0266 (PD9360V) 60 Amp Converter/Charger with built-in Charge Wizard 13-2350 (PD9380V) 80 Amp Converter/Charger with built-in Charge Wizard PD9300 SERIES NEW! ONE CONVERTER/CHARGER FOR ALL BATTERY TYPES BATTERY TYPES: •Flooded Lead Acid (FLA) •Absorbed Glass Material (AGM) •Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) •Fixed 13.6 VDC MANUFACTURED IN USA MODEL NO: PD9360 Charge Wizard Technology 12V Battery Parallel Quick Connect System NEW • Plug & Play Connections Lithium Compatible. • The Connect-Ease® Quick Connect System allows connecting mutiple 12 volt batteries together in parallel to provide off-grid users extended power runtime. • Connect-Ease® designed this 12V parallel system specifically with RV/off-grid users whose power requirements are much greater than limited runtime from a single 12V battery. • Handles 60 to 240 amps of DC power. 08-6796 RCE312VRV 3 Battery Harness w/ Lithium Compatible (3) 12V Battery Parallel Quick Connect System Connect 08-6797 RCE412VRV 4 Battery Harness w/ Lithium Compatible (4) 12V Battery Parallel Quick Connect System Connect 08-6798 RCE312SLR 3 Battery Harness w/ Solar-Lithium Compatible (3) 12V Battery Parallel Quick Connect System Connect w/Solar Heavy Duty Collapsible Crate The BigAnt heavy duty collapsible and stackable plastic crate is specifically designed for both industrial and everyday usage, including but not limited to grocery shopping, storing toys, camping and traveling. Crate dimension and capacity: 21.26" x 14.17" x 11.81" / 12.7 Gallons. Accessories sold separately. PART # MFG DESCRIPTION 13-3136 IP543630G Medium Collapsible Crate Gray 13-3135 IP543630B Medium Collapsible Crate Blue 08-1012 IP54_0_BLK Medium Collapsible Crate w/Window Black 13-3141 IP734/543 WLSBIGANT 3” Caster Wheel Sets 13-5136 H-IP54 Folding Handi-Mover 13-5137 IP54LID Plastic Lid for IP 54 (Med Crate) • IP54LID • IP543630B • IP543630G • H-IP54 • IP543630B • IP734/543 Heavy Duty is the best truck bed option for under tonneau cover storage. Quickly organize and isolate your favorite cargo in your truck bed. Made of a tough 600D polyester cover wrapped over a 1 3/16 Inch OD 18 gauge powder coated steel frame. Is water resistant and height adjustable. 16 inside and 2 outside pockets. 08-6893 TBMSHD 50" L x 20" D x 18" H; 10.5 Cubic Foot Capacity 08-6894 TBFS 58.25" L x 20.25" D x 18.25" H, 12 Cubic Foot Capacity 08-6895 TBMS 58.25" L x 20.25" D x 18.25" H; 10.5 Cubic Foot Capacity TRUCK BED CARGO ORGANIZER

33 Rotationally molded EPA and CARB compliant containers Made In USA. 08-6899 RX2G Red, 2 Gallon, Gas 08-6900 RX2W White, 2 Gallon, Water 08-6901 RX3G Red, 3 Gallon, Gas 08-6902 RX2D Yellow, 2 Gallon, Diesel 08-6903 RXPM Standard Mount, One Standard Container 08-6904 RXLOXPM Locking Mount, One Standard Container 08-6905 RXDLXPM Deluxe Pack Mount, One Standard Container LIQUID STORAGE CONTAINERS & MOUNTS • Dual-side opening for easy loading • Memory mount system • Safety lock system: key can only be removed once box is locked • Universal mounting system, fitting to aero, square, round, and most factory cross bars 08-6896 BRM865MBK Wedge Plus, 13 Cubic Foot Capacity, Black 08-6897 BRM2020ST Box Style, 14 Cubic Foot Capacity, Matte Black 08-6898 BRM660WH Wedge, 11 Cubic Foot Capacity, White CARGO CARRIERS Dispensing Pumps Transfer liquid mediums quick and easy. • No spills, no messes • Transfers automatically with a switch of the button, battery operated • Built-in sensor will automatically stop without the need to press the off button preventing any overflow • Officially certified and rigorously tested by the CSA Group • Built-in locking clip secures nozzle on receiving receptacles • Gas can adapters included 08-1333 20066 TRFA01-XL - Gasoline/ Diesel/ Kerosene/ Light Oils And Non-Potable Water 08-1334 20000 TRFA01 - Gasoline/ Diesel/ Kerosene/ Light Oils And Non-Potable Water 08-1335 20101 TRFA01-XL-CH - Methanol/ Ethanol/ DEF (AdBlue)/ Liquid Soda/ Window Washer Fluids (Especially made of Ethanol)/ Brake Cleaner And Non-Potable Water 08-1336 20039 TRHA01 - Use For Gasoline/ Kerosene/ Diesel/ Light Oils And Non-potable Water 08-1337 20046 TRHA03 - Use For Gasoline/ Kerosene/ Diesel/ Light Oils And Non-potable Water 08-1338 20082 TREP01-T - 3 Gallon To 6 Gallon Gas Can And Up To 20 Gallon Drum; Gasoline/ Diesel/ DEF (AdBlue)/ Non-Potable Water/ Kerosene/ Antifreeze/ Windshield Washer Fluid/ Mild Detergents/ Agricultural Chemicals And Light Oils Can not included.

34 WThe iconic FloorLiner is custom fit for full-coverage protection against messes and mishaps. Offer dependable interior defense that’s built to last from WeatherTech. Made in USA © 2024 MacNeil IP LLC A LEGACY THAT LASTS Available in four colors. FLOORLINER™ messes and mishaps and offers adependable interior defense that’s built to last from WeatherTech.

35 BUMPSTEP® THE ULTIMATE BUMPER DEFENDER WeatherTech’s BumpStep helps protect against costly rear end dents and scratches — and doubles as a step for easy access to the vehicle’s roof or truck bed. Made in USA © 2024 MacNeil IP LLC TRAVELER XC2 RV BIKE RACK Spare Tire Mount Bike Rack Put The Spare To Work! 16-0118 The Swagman TRAVELER XC2 is a hitch mount bike rack especially designed for use on an RV. It’s engineered to handle the extra force of being on the back of a travel trailer or 5th wheel RV. It also comes with a bumper adapter for use on a 4.5” continuous steel welded RV bumper. The TRAVELER XC2 carries up to two bikes weighing up to 35 lbs. each, and fits most types of bikes with wheels between 20” to 29” in diameter. Fits Class 3, 2" hitch receiver. • Attaches to any spare tire using a heavy-duty mounting plate • Transports up to 3 bikes • Top plate secures and locks bikes to rack • Bikes are securely gripped in a non-scratch padded channel • Heavy-duty steel construction • Durable black powder coat finish

36 CLICK, LOAD AND GO! TRUST THE TOWING EXPERTS 1. Install the shank just once Shank provides integrated resting point for struggle-free installation Unique connection allows you to easily swap out accessories as needed Patent-pending ActiveLink design for fast, secure attachment with pin and clip 2. Click in your accessory 3. Insert pin & clip and go! • Rubber bumper pad on vertical support tube to protects the bike • Flip-back arm makes loading loading inner bikes easy (Ultra only) • Bikes can easily be lifted onto cradles from underneath (Ultra only) • Steel construction with dual E-coat and carbide black powder coat finish • Weighs only 25 lbs. for easy moving and handling • Eye bolts provide secure attachment points • Carrier can be flipped in the shank when not carrying a load for compact transport • Built-in reflectors add visibility for increased safety ACTIVELINK™ BIKE RACKS ACTIVELINK™ ALUMINUM CARGO CARRIER HOW THE ACTIVELINK™ SYSTEM WORKS CLICK! 07-8279 72-5959 18-2807

37 RVING IS BETTER WHEN WE DO IT TOGETHER To learn more about RV SnapPad, contact your NTP-STAG sales representative, or scan the QR code. It’s Easier To Enjoy The Things You Love Most About RVing With SnapPads: No more placing or retrieving jack pads when leveling. Durable rubber construction designed to withstand the elements. Enhanced protection and stability for each leveling foot. Environmentally friendly, made in the USA from recycled tires.

38 TOTE TANKS PORTABLE WASTE TANKS • Extremely durable HDPE construction resists abrasions and sun damage • Ergonomic design with balanced center of gravity on 16 and 23 gallon models makes lifting easier when tank is full • Padded handle cover provides a cushioned gripping surface* • 12” heavy-duty, smooth-rolling, solid rubber wheels with bearings create stability during transport* • Quick release gate valve on 29 and 38 gallon models is positioned for efficient and complete drainage • Accepts standard 3/4” garden hose connection for grey water and rinse out connection, no need for a secondary hose fitting • Includes a premium accessory kit, contents vary by model THE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR FLEXIBLE WASTE WATER MANAGEMENT WITHOUT NEEDING TO BREAK CAMP. PART# DESCRIPTION INCLUDED ACCESSORIES WEIGHT LENGTH WIDTH HEIGHT 08-5865 6 Gallon Tank Termination Cap With Inlet Assembly, Female Cap, Threaded Plug, Retention Lanyards 5.1LB 20.35” 13.19” 7.70” 08-5866 16 Gallon Tank 5’ Wire Reinforced Gator Sewer Hose with Gaskets and Bayonet Fittings, Hose End Cap, Bayonet Fitting Adapter, Termination Caps With Gasket, 90 Degree Clear Elbow with 3 in 1 NPT Universal Adapter, Threaded Plug Insert, Retention Lanyards, Steel Tow Bar 32.1 LB 39.43” 24.27” 12.8” 08-5867 23 Gallon Tank 31.0 LB 41.43” 31.77” 13.12” 08-5868 29 Gallon Tank 35.3 LB 44.01” 26.92” 13.99” 08-5869 38 Gallon Tank 5’ Wire Reinforced Gator Sewer Hose with Gaskets and Bayonet Fittings, Hose End Cap, Bayonet Fitting Adapter, Termination Caps With Gasket, 90 Degree Clear Elbow with 3 in 1 NPT Universal Adapter, Threaded Plug Insert, Retention Lanyards, Front Wheel Assembly with Steel Tow Bar 44.8 LB 48.06” 29.92” 35.7” * Not included with 6 Gallon Tank

39 OVER 50 YEARS OF AMERICAN INNOVATION AND QUALITY ROADMASTER Time Tested • Time Proven • Made in the USA #6401 Since 1970, Roadmaster has offered a comprehensive line of products for motorhome-to-vehicle towing, including tow bars, baseplates, braking systems, steering stabilizers, and accessories as well as an extensive line of anti-sway bars for motorhomes. REFLEX STEERING STABILIZER Easy-to-Install and Effective NTP-STAG# MFG# Description 15-2600 RSSA Steering Stabilizer for Class A RVs 15-2630 RSSC Steering Stabilizer for Vans Time Tested & Proven NOW AVAILABLE! NIGHTHAWK NTP-STAG# MFG# Description 17-0578 676 Nighthawk Tow Bar 8,000 lb Capacity Illuminated Tow Bar THE COOLEST! LED TOWED CAR LIGHTING KIT NTP-STAG# MFG# Description 07-9812 157 LED Towed Car Lighting Kit Easy Installation A Universal Brake Lighting Solution for Towed Vehicles NEW! INVISIBRAKE NTP-STAG# MFG# Description 14-6090 8700 Invisibrake Set It & Forget It Revolutionary Braking System BEST SELLER! SPARE TIRE CARRIER FOR MOTORHOMES NTP-STAG# MFG# Description 08-0616 195250-S Spare Tire Carrier 2.5 Inch Receiver 72-5847 195225-S Spare Tire Carrier 2 Inch Receiver Easy Pivot Unloading Now Sized for 2.5” Receivers NEW! HEAVY DUTY BATTERY DISCONNECT A Quick and Easy Way to Disconnect Any Battery NTP-STAG# MFG# Description 07-8509 767 Heavy Duty Battery Disconnect Great for Diesels NEW!

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41 14-2140 | BXH10141 4" Drop/Rise 2" Receiver, 10K 14-2141 | BXH10171 7" Drop/Rise 2" Receiver, 10K 14-2142 | BXH12241 4" Drop/Rise 2-1/2" Receiver, 12K 14-2143 | BXH12271 7" Drop/Rise 2-1/2" Receiver, 12K Adjustable in height for level towing. Pre-installed 2" ball, included clamshell converts ball to 2-5/16". Will not drag on the ground. All-steel construction. Adjustable Ball Mounts Hitch Step for Blue Ox Adjustable Ball Mounts Now In Stock! 07-8779 NEW

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