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Made in USA © 2024 MacNeil IP LLC WProvide premium defense from harsh wear and tear with the heavy-duty FloorLiner HP. The high-performance liner features a high-walled design and is laser measured for a custom fit to the vehicle’s exact make and model. THE NEXT GENERATION IN PROTECTION Available in four colors. FLOORLINER™ HP

CONNECT Connecting you to everything you need...when you need it! April 2024 US: 800-242-6987 • CN: 855-687-2262 • Order Online and see the latest new products at Continuing Education - FREE! Service Parts Inventory Management Service Parts Lookup Connect With Us ©2024. All rights reserved. All text, graphics, pictures, logos, and the selection and arrangement thereof is the exclusive property of the Publisher, or its content supplier. • No portion of this mailer, including images, may be copied or reproduced in any form without the prior written consent of the Publisher. • Specials not available at all locations • All prices subject to change without notice • Brand names may vary • We reserve the right to limit quantities • Some specials may be out of stock due to manufacturer’s availability • Some items not legal for sale or use in California on pollution controlled vehicles • Certain specials may be non-stocking and may require a freight charge to be added on to the sale price for special ordering • Customer must have original sales receipt for Limited Lifetime Warranty • All prices shown are in US Dollars. NEW Enhanced Features Ads that are digitally enhanced will illuminate indicating they are clickable. Click on the ads and shop for the items directly on VIA. Watch this video to learn more. New Products Blue Ox / Genesis Products / Zamp Solar 4 Regular Features Feature Supplier Go Power! 8-9 Special Feature EXPO New Product Awards 14-15

4 NEW PRODUCTS Bring your aisle to life with REVIVE. This endcap creates stopping-power that inspires and educates customers on how to replace RV walls, ceilings and cabinets Cabinet Coverings 08-6669 • Kit includes: 2 levelers, 2 chocks, 2 grip mats, and storage bag • Easily levels the trailer • Trailers up to 30K & Tire sizes up to 32" • Adjust to any height between 1/2" and 4" • Rubber pads for extra grip on smooth surfaces. • Limited Lifetime Warrantyr brakes at a time (1-4 axles) Trailer Levelers 08-6435 Unlike other Hitch Steps on the market, our Blue Ox Hitch Step is designed to ride along with the ball in place. Spend less time on hitch configuration and get immediate access to the truck bed. Hitch Step OBSIDIAN® 100W Portable Solar Kit The OBSIDIAN® 100 Watt Portable Kit features a patented low-profile solar panel to provide ultimate flexibility and durability in off-grid solar charging. Made in USA. Hover over ad to shop on VIA Hover over ad to shop on VIA REVIVE Collection 08-4884 08-6435 Hover over ad to shop on VIA Hover over ad to shop on VIA

5 FOLDING PICNIC TABLE & 2 BENCHES • Compact outdoor set that folds down with benches that nest for convenient stowing • Table dimensions: 44-1/2” x 27-1/8” by 28-3/4” high • Bench dimensions: 37-3/4” x 9” by 16-1/2” high • Table weight capacity: 220 lb • Bench weight capacity: 440 lb 03-8104 69863 Folding Picnic Table and 2 Benches FOLDING PICNIC TABLES • Weather-resistant, UV-protected high-density polyethylene provides long-lasting durability • Rust-resistant steel folding frame is lightweight yet sturdy • Stain-resistant surface is easy to clean and maintain 6FT. FOLDING TABLE • Multi-purpose table folds two ways for maximum stowing efficiency • Rectangular table opens to 71-5/8” x 29-1/2” x 29-1/2” high • Folds to 36” x 24-1/2” x 3-1/4” • Table weight capacity: 330 lb 03-8105 69864 6’ Folding Table 4FT. FOLDING TABLE • Multi-purpose table folds two ways for maximum stowing efficiency • Rectangular table opens to 48-3/8” x 24-1/2” x 29-1/2” high • Folds to 24-3/8” x 24” x 3-3/16” • Table weight capacity: 220 lb 03-8103 69873 4’ Folding Table CAMP CUISINE PORTABLE KITCHEN • Aluminum top panel • Wind deflector for your camp stove • Three shelves • Zipper doors • Open: 22” D x 35” W x 32.2” H • Folded: 22” D x 37.4” W x 5.1” H 03-0329 49583 Portable Kitchen 4.5’ 7’ 2’ THEMED DECORATIVE LED LIGHTING •Eye-catching designs add a festive look to your outdoor living space • Bright, safe, and energy efficient LED rope lighting • Constructed with quality steel and a UV-protected film for lasting, vibrant color • Collapsible, portable, and easy to store • Easy assembly, no tools required • Ground stakes included •120V AC, 60Hz •For use in dry exterior or interior spaces •Operating temperature range: -31° F (-35° C) to 120° F (49° C) •Use GFCI protected outlets and outdoor use extension cords •Replacement fuse (included): 8A, 125V • Safety tested and UL listed 7' LED ROPE LIGHT PALM TREE Dimensions: 84in H x 72in W 55-5043 20522 7‘ LED Rope Light Palm Tree 2' LED ROPE LIGHT FLAMINGO Dimensions: 24in H x 12in W 55-5041 20520 2‘ LED Rope Light Flamingo 4.5' LED ROPE LIGHT PALM TREE Dimensions: 55in H x 51in W 55-5042 20521 4.5‘ LED Rope Light Palm Tree

6 62-2693

ADJUSTABLE STRAP With LOCKING BUCKLE DESCRIPTION Perfect for safely locking French door refrigerators and cabinets. Also great for hoses, cables, luggage, child proofing, and more! KEY FEATURES • Easily cut for desired length or combine two or more for a longer reach • Durable, high-quality hook-and-loop strapand plastic locking buckle • Red switch ensures buckle will not loosen • Simple installation. No tools required • Dimensions (strap fully extended): 13” x 1” • Comes 2 per package SecurEly keep doors closed ® 06-8558 / 05215 Adjustable Strap w/ Locking Buckle. 2/pkg. 13” 1” 7

8 Upgrading An RV To Use Lithium Batteries By: Eva Mitic, Go Power! Marketing Manager Have you been asked, "What do I need to do to upgrade to lithium?" "Lithium batteries" have been a hot topic in RVing for the past few years. Now, with more and more people flocking to the lifestyle and bringing their gadgets and creature comforts, the amount of usable power they need has increased dramatically. Traditional lead-acid batteries (that most RVs come equipped with) have limited storage capacity and often require maintenance. Upgrading to lithium batteries is an investment that can provide a relatively simple, instant, and significant increase in battery life and storage capacity while eliminating maintenance for most RV customers. However, upgrading an RV to use lithium batteries isn't usually a drop-in replacement. In addition to purchasing the lithium battery, the RV will likely need to be fitted with other compatible components. This article will review tips and selling opportunities for customers looking to upgrade their mobile power systems. WHY CHOOSE LITHIUM Upgrading an RV to use lithium batteries can provide several benefits to the owner, including increased battery life, more efficient charging, and reduced weight. Lithium batteries are more reliable than lead-acid batteries and are becoming increasingly popular in the RV community. Benefits of Lithium Batteries in an RV • Increased Battery Life: Lithium batteries have a longer life span than lead-acid batteries, which means fewer replacements. Lithium batteries also perform better for longer. • More Efficient: Lithium batteries charge more efficiently than lead-acid batteries. They charge faster and have more usable power. Making them ideal for RV owners who like to travel off the grid. • Reduced Weight: Lithium batteries are nearly half the weight of lead-acid batteries. This can improve fuel efficiency and make the RV easier to handle on the road. • Better Performance: Lithium batteries are more powerful than lead-acid batteries, which means they can power more for longer. CHOOSING A BATTERY There are two main types of lithium batteries: lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) and lithium-ion (Li-ion). LiFePO4 batteries are the most popular choice for RVs as they are more stable, have a longer life span, and are safer to use. When sizing the battery, consider the size of the RV and the amount of power the customer will be using. As with any battery, sizing depends on the total energy consumption, including lighting, appliances, and other electrical systems. However, a lithium battery can be about half the size of a lead-acid battery bank, but it will still need to be large enough to provide the power you need. SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS It is crucial to ensure that an RV's electrical system is compatible with the new lithium batteries. Some RV electrical systems are designed to work with lead-acid batteries and may not be compatible with lithium batteries. You may need to modify the RV's electrical system, including upgrading the charging system: the converter, and (if they have one) an alternator DC to DC charger. A Battery Monitor is an essential component of any lithium upgrade. Traditional lead-acid and AGM batteries can be tracked by other monitoring, such as a charge controller. Lithium batteries hold a steady output voltage while depleting – until it's too late. Installing a Battery Monitor and a shunt is one of the few ways to observe the output from a lithium battery bank accurately. FEATURED SUPPLIER DID YOU KNOW Go Power! offers a line of UL-certified LiFe PO4 batteries? LEARN MORE

9 INSTALLATION Steps to Install Lithium Batteries in an RV: • Prepare the RV: Disconnect the old lead-acid batteries and remove them from the RV. Clean the battery compartment and remove any corrosion or debris. • Install the Lithium Batteries: Start by connecting the positive and negative cables to the appropriate battery terminals. • Install the Battery Monitor: following the instructions on the battery monitor, install the components for monitoring the power system. • Connect the Cables: You should connect the positive cable to the positive terminal on the battery management system and the negative cable to the negative terminal. • Test the System: After the cables are connected, you should test the system to ensure everything is working correctly. You can do this by turning on the RV's appliances and electronics and checking the battery voltage and state of charge. If a power inverter is installed in the unit, also try and turn that on and run an AC load to test that portion of the system. • Charge the Batteries: Once the system is tested, you should attempt to charge the lithium batteries before returning the RV to the customer. You can do this by connecting the RV to a power source and viewing the status of the charge controller. CONCLUSION Upgrading an RV or travel trailer to get more available power is one of the more straightforward upgrades that can be offered to a customer. When paired with solar, a lithium-powered system can easily take them off grid for days or weeks without the need to plug into shore power. For more information about lithium, solar, or power inverters, speak with your Go Power! sales representative, or visit ABOUT GO POWER! As an industry leader in RV solar solutions since 1996 and now a Dometic Outdoor Company, Go Power! invests heavily in product development and ongoing quality control. It carefully sources, builds and tests all system components to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and interoperability. Many of its products are UL-tested and certified. CUSTOMER SUPPORT WHEN AND WHERE YOU NEED IT Go Power! offers a 10-year warranty on lithium batteries. It also provides OEM installation help, technical support, and post-sales service. The Go Power! team supports an extensive network of highly trained dealers and installers with its products sold and serviced in over 700 locations across North America. Visit Our New Brand Page On VIA Click Here

10 NTP-STAG# Part Description 06-6551 Dual CO/Propane Alarm, White 06-6580 Dual CO/Propane Alarm, Black Slim Line Dual CO/ Propane Alarm Replaces All Brands/Models of LP Gas Detectors and Dual CO/LP Gas Alarms. Can be used with or without the Trim Ring. 85 Series models include trim ring that covers large existing installation cutouts. Universal Replacement! NTP-STAG# Part Description 03-0631 Surface Mount, Black 03-0924 Surface Mount, White Mini Propane Alarms • Space saving compact design for RV’s • Designed for the rugged RV environment. • Ideal for Class A & C Motorhomes, Class B Vans, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels and campers. • 12 Volt power means no missing or dead batteries to replace • Alarm mute button and rapid recovery sensor • Replace all propane alarms that are over 5 years old! Exclusive to WFCO Converters, Power Centers, and MBAs, Auto-Detect is a new Patent Pending technology that will DETECT Lead Acid or Lithium Ion batteries and AUTOMATICALLY change the charging profile based on the battery type. Auto-Detect enables RV owners to optimize their batteries without needing to change out an entire converter or operate a manual switch. WF-9800 Series WF-8900 Series AUTO DETECT INTELLIGENT BATTERY DETECTION LEAD ACID LITHIUM RV Combo Alarms • Double-Duty Alarm. Detects both gas leaks and CO gas simultaneously • Reliable. 12 Volt power means no missing or dead batteries to replace • Durable. Built for the extreme RV environment • Approved. Meets RVIA/NFPA requirements • Listed to UL 1484 RV and UL 2034 RV • Upgrades single 12 Volt Propane Gas alarms to a dual alarm that detects both Propane Gas and CO. • Model 35-742 flush mount can replace Safe-T-Alert LP Gas alarm 30-442 models and CCI Controls models 7770 & 7773 without modifications NTP-STAG# Part Description 03-0279 Flush Mount, Black 03-0275 Flush Mount, Brown 03-0276 Flush Mount, White

11 MULTIMETER ELECTRICAL TESTER KIT • Receptacle Tester – Tests standard 120V AC outlets • Multimeter – 600V AC/DC voltage range • Non-Contact Voltage Tester – 90-1000V detection range 64-7078 10037K 400A AC/DC CLAMP METER WITH TRUE RMS • 400A AC/DC current range • CAT III 600V safety rating • True RMS accuracy • Built-in non-contact voltage tester • Third-hand test probe holder 05-3407 21550T GFCI RECEPTACLE TESTER • Tests standard 120V AC outlets • Tests GFCI outlets • 7 tests in 1 05-3408 40022S HEAVY-DUTY 7-IN-1 MULTI TOOL PLIERS • Heavy-Duty forged steel • 7-in1: shears, grips, wire stripper, bolt spanner, bolt shears, crimper, and reamer • Strips 10-14 AWG SOL and 12-16 AWG STR • Spring loaded handles 05-3409 S7N1HD HAND TOOLS, METERS, & LIGHTING MANUAL RANGING MULTIMETER • 600V AC/DC voltage range • CAT III 300V safety rating • Built-in test lead holder • 7 functions 05-3406 10031S CAMPER’S TOOL KIT • Multimeter – Measure Battery & Outlet Voltage, Check Fuses • Multi-Tool Plier – Cut, Grip, Strip Wire, & Crimp • Multi-Bit Driver – 9 Bits: Phillips, Cabinet, Square, & Hex • LED Headlamp – 2 Modes: 120 & 50 Lumens. Adjustable Strap • Pocket Knife – Compact & Folding Blade • Buss Blade Fuses – 10A, 15A, 20A, & 30A • Electrical Tape – 30 Feet • Cable Ties – 14 Inch Length 30-2674 EM-KIT SURGE PROTECTORS • Protects valuable downstream electronics and RV appliances • Absorbs and diverts high voltage spikes and surges • Has the highest surge absorption capacity (Joules rating) among portable RV surge protectors • Detects and alerts of low voltage and improper wiring conditions • Comes with multi lightning strike protection which diverts the strike energy to ground 30A 120V SURGE PROTECTOR • Operating current: 30A • Operating voltage: 120V • Operating wattage: 3600W • Frequency: 60Hz • Plug/Receptacle type: TT-30P / TT-30R • Low voltage detection: Appx. ≤106V • 3600 Joules of power suppression • 3 Modes of protection: Hot, ground, & neutral • 1 Year limited liability warranty NTP STAG# MFG# DESCRIPTION 03-8106 19658 30A 120V Surge Protector 50A 240V SURGE PROTECTOR • Operating current: 50A • Operating voltage: 240V (120V per line) • Operating wattage: 12,000W • Frequency: 60Hz • Plug/Receptacle type: 14-50P / 14-50R • Low voltage detection: Appx. ≤106V (per line) • 7200 Joules of power suppression • 4 Modes of protection: Hot L1, hot L2, ground, & neutral • 1 Year limited liability warranty NTP STAG# MFG# DESCRIPTION 31-8107 19666 50A 240V Surge Protector Tested to UL Specifications

30 & 50 AMP SURGE PROTECTORS • Prevent faulty power at RV campsites from ruining your electronics • Analyzes circuits to verify pedestal power • Identifies outlet faults • Convenient finger grip for ease of use • Indicators illuminate to show power status 25-4989 A10-30SMSP - SurgeMinder 30AMP 25-5174 A10-50SMSP - SurgeMinder 50AMP 25-5208 A10-50CTVP 50A RV Circuit Tester 25-5017 A10-30CTVP 30A RV Circuit Tester • Lights indicate circuit condition • Available in 30A & 50A • Tests for faulty wiring in receptacles • Detects wiring faults CIRCUIT TESTERS 12

13 CONNECTION FOR EVERY ADVENTURE. WiFi | 5G | 4G | TE | Satellite AC power adapter for Poplar and Aspen routers 06-0166 WR-PWR1 Boost WiFi, gain 4G LTE coverage via USB tethering, and connect all your devices. Flexible data plan packages available for Aspen, Denali Pack and Osprey. Satellite internet (via ethernet) compatible. OSPREY Simple connection to Winegard Air 360 Plus antenna. Equipped with 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz WiFi and a Category 6 modem for 4G LTE connectivity. FreedomGO SIM card preinstalled. 06-7882 WR-SPRY POPLAR Entry-level indoor network solution—boost WiFi plus hook up to a hotspot or smartphone for 4G LTE coverage in your RV. 06-0099 WR-PPLR ASPEN LTE Create a high-performance indoor network with dualband WiFi and an integrated 4G LTE modem. FreedomGO SIM card preinstalled. 06-0098 WR-ASPN DENALI LTE PACK Comprehensive indoor and outdoor internet solution. Long-range WiFi boosting. FreedomGO SIM card preinstalled. 06-0100 WR-DNLI Add-on for the AIR 360+ Flexible data plans

14 EXPO embodies innovation, providing a platform to explore a diverse range of groundbreaking aftermarket products introduced to the RV and Marine markets. Congratulations to the winners of this year's New Products Awards, chosen by the attendees of EXPO 2024. There’s a new way to update customers’ RVs with the Genesis Revive Collection. For 20 years, Genesis Products has been a leading supplier of interior components to major RV manufacturers. We believe that every environment deserves to be elevated. That is why Genesis Products is bringing the products RV manufacturers have trusted for years into the hands of customers. Now customers can renovate, replace, or refresh an RV interior with confidence based on their personal style. Genesis Revive Collection products are easy to install and made with the best RV-grade materials. Design a coach that feels like a home with Genesis Products trend-forward solutions. Thank you to REVIVE, Gen-Y, Minn Kota, and all our partner suppliers for bringing their latest innovations to showcase at EXPO. Your contributions added tremendous value and excitement to the event. Shop the complete line here New Product Awards Most Innovative Product: Genesis Products REVIVE Cabinet Coverings

15 Introducing the new SnapLatch by GEN-Y Hitch! This coupler is designed to be the safest coupler on the market with a patented selflatching design. The unique funnel construction of the coupler allows the user to not have to be perfectly lined up above the ball mount. This makes hooking up to a trailer a breeze! Big water, bigger boats – that’s where Instinct comes in. A motor designed not just to handle the elements but to thrive in them. With available shaft lengths up to 100” and the most dependable automatic stow and deploy ever built, Instinct comes ready to go where other trolling motors won't. The new QUEST series of dual 24/36 volt brushless trolling motors was designed for anglers who demand the best from their equipment – even in the harshest environments. With a reinforced motor and mount, more advanced GPS functionality than ever, and even an eco mode to extend battery life, Instinct is ready to tackle the elements where the waves are high and so are the stakes. Shop the Instinct here Shop the SnapLatch here Best New Towing Product: GEN-Y HITCH Gooseneck Hitch Adapter Best of Marine: Minn Kota Riptide Instinct Quest Brushless Trolling Motor

16 12V/DC Compressor Refrigerators 10DC 8DC Residential styling and DC compressor convenience with RV-ready features. The 10DC provides 10-cu. ft. of storage in a standard 8-cu. ft. cutout. 8DC fits in same cutout as typical 6- and 7-cu.ft. models Available Now! 12V POWER 13-0244 Kronen Holding Tank Treatment 128 oz. Refill 13-0243 Kronen Holding Tank Treatment 64 oz. Refill 13-0242 Kronen Holding Tank Treatment 32 oz. 13-0246 Kronen Toilet Bowl Cleaner 16 oz. 13-0241 Kronen Holding Tank Treatment 4 oz. 6 pack 13-0245 Kronen Holding Tank Treatment Drop In’s 10 pack Bacteria-based holding tank treatments that break down waste and tissue in an earth-friendly way. Perfect for black and gray tanks.

North America’s Favorite Choice In Portable Drain Water/Holding Tanks Since 1973! BARKER 4-WHEELERS WITH HEAVY-DUTY PNEUMATIC WHEELS! Available in 25, 32 and 42 gallon sizes for compatibility with any size RV. Equipped with standard 3” waste valves to eliminate lifting to “dump” tanks. Constructed of blow-molded polyethylene and zinc plated steel. Double wheel, front-swivel design for easy pulling and maneuvering. WE MAKE RVING EASY MADE IN THE USA HIGHEST QUALITY 2 YEAR WARRANTY MADE IN THE U.S.A. 42-GALLON 11-0704 25-GALLON 11-0708 32-GALLON 11-0709 MANUFACTURING COMPANY MANUFACTURING COMPANY All 4-Wheelers come complete with a Steel tow bar, 3” x 5’ sewer hose (FULLY ASSEMBLED with two 3” bayonet hose adapters), 3” bayonet caps (2), 12” water hose, ¾” hose cap, cotterless hitch pin, and Bobber Gauge Full Tank Indicator (alerting you before overfilling tank). 17

18 20 ft. Sewer Kit 15 ft. Sewer Kit 10 ft. Sewer Hose 5 ft. Sewer Hose Sewer Hose Support System NTP-STAG# MFG# Description Information 10-1936 17902 Titan® Sewer Kit 20 ft. Complete System 14-1725 17853 Titan® Sewer Kit 15 ft. Complete System 14-1726 17854 Titan® Sewer Hose 10 ft. Hose Only 62-9942 17915 Titan® Sewer Hose 5 ft. Hose Only 89-8266 17919 Titan® Sewer Hose Support System Supports 15 ft. of Hose 72-3657 17907 Titan® Straight Sewer Adapter Accessory 72-3656 17832 Titan® WYE Sewer Adapter Accessory 14-1730 17880 Titan® End Caps 2 Per Pack 14-1731 17881 Titan® Seals 2 Per Pack 14-1729 17879 Revolve® Universal Sewer Adapter Accessory 11-0549 40830 LadderMount Accessory Titan® 20 ft. Sewer Kit • Two (2) 10 ft. Titan® Extension Hoses • One (1) Revolve® 5-in-1 sewer adapter • Four (4) end caps Titan® 15 ft. Sewer Kit • One (1) 15 ft. Titan® Extension Hose • One (1) Revolve® 5-in-1 sewer adapter • Two (2) end caps Titan® Sewer Hose • Available in 10 ft. and 5 ft. lengths • Proprietary Thermal Plastic Elastomer (TPE) hose design is puncture and abrasion resistant • Ergonomic ExtendGrip® fitting for easy handling Titan® Sewer Hose Support System • Includes five (5) graduated 24” sections that nest together and storage bag • Configure to guide up to 15 ft. of Titan® or other hoses • Durable, rust resistant poly construction Titan® Straight Sewer Adapter • Lengthens RV sewer outlet for easier reach • Translucent, user can see when tank is empty Titan® WYE Sewer Adapter • Allows user to empty two takes into one dump port • Translucent, user can see when tank is empty Titan® End Caps • Fits any Titan® opening reducing leakage or spills Titan® Seals • For use with Titan® sewer hoses, sewer adapters and 90° Elbow Valve LadderMount • Universal tote storage system • Includes strap to secure tote Revolve® Universal Sewer Adapter • 5-in-1 adaptor with stepped base to fit most ports • Translucent elbow, user can see when tank is empty • Ergonomic handle for secure grip Universal Sewer Adapter Straight Sewer Adapter WYE Sewer Adapter End Caps Seals LadderMount

Gray Nut for Polyvinyl ½” pipe ½” Straight Valve x 3/8” Comp. for Risers PEX POLYBUTYLENE POLYVINYL Flair-It # ½” Tee One Fitting... ... All Pipe! No setup, tear down, cords, or batteries needed – JUST PUSH THE BUTTON ON THE BACK POWERWASH Setting POWERBLAST® RV HANDHELD KIT 06-8093 - Brushed Nickel 06-8094 - White SETTINGS POWER UP YOUR RV SHOWER PRESSURE PUSH HERE 19

BARKER Value Plus Incredible Performance MADE IN THE USA JACKS VIP 3500/24 - BLACK 15-0115 32455 VIP 3500/24 - WHITE 15-0151 31558 VIP 3500 - BLACK 15-0114 32454 VIP 3500 - WHITE 15-0144 30828 VIP 3000 - BLACK 15-0113 32453 VIP 3000 - WHITE 15-0143 30826 BLACK & WHITE AND LEVEL ALL OVER VIP JACKS FEATURES: • Night Light & Level • Attached Foot Pad • Powder-Coated & Plated • 2 Year Warranty • Emergency Crank-Thru Head • Emergency Crank Included • Sealed Weatherproof Inner Tube • 10 Gauge Hook-up Wire Meets RVIA Standards VIP 3000 POWER JACK • 18" Stroke • 3,000 lb. Lifting Capacity • 2" Diameter Outer Post VIP 3500 POWER JACKS • 18"or 24" Stroke • 3,500 lb. Lifting Capacity • 2-1/4" Dia. Outer Post These VIP 12 volt trailer jacks have been designed to provide all the features RV owners desire at competitive prices unmatched by similar products. Best of all, their top quality is the same you have come to expect from any Barker product. HIGHEST QUALITY 2 YEAR WARRANTY MADE IN THE U.S.A. VIP 20

$75 On-board air compressor Buy any qualifying Air Lift® COMPRESSOR SYSTEM from an Authorized Installer AND have it installed by them Buy any qualifying Air Lift® AIR SPRING KIT from an Authorized Installer AND have it installed by them Your Customer Doesn't need a bigger truck... They need Air Lift. AUTHORIZED INSTALLER 150 UP TO$ Consumer Mail-in REBATE MAIL-IN MAIL-IN To qualify for a $75 Authorized Installer rebate, you MUST buy a qualifying complete on-board air compressor system or qualifying Air Lift air spring kit from an Air Lift Authorized Installer AND have them install the system/kit on your vehicle by 6/30/24. To qualify for a $150 rebate, you MUST buy both a qualifying complete on-board air compressor system AND a qualified air spring kit from an Authorized Installer AND have them install both kits on your vehicle by 6/30/24. To redeem, you must mail in a printed, dated receipt (email receipts are acceptable) showing the product purchase and installation cost, as well as original UPC code(s) from original Air Lift Company packaging. Copies of UPC code(s) are not accepted. Only one rebate claim allowed per address. Valid purchase dates: 1/1/24 to 6/30/24. Rebate claims must be postmarked by 7/31/24. Keep copies of all materials submitted; originals will not be returned. Qualifying complete on-board air compressor systems: WirelessAir™, WirelessAir™ EZ Mount™, WirelessAir™ Tank + EZ Mount™ (upgrade kit not eligible), WirelessOne™, WirelessOne™ EZ Mount™, WirelessOne™ Tank + EZ Mount™ (upgrade kit not eligible), and LoadController™ series. Qualifying complete air spring kits include: RideControl™, LoadLifter 5000™, LoadLifter 5000™ Ultimate, LoadLifter 5000™ Ultimate Plus, LoadLifter 7500 XL™ Ultimate, and Air Lift ProSeries. This offer excludes: Air Lift 1000™, Air Lift 1000 HD™, QuickShot™, SmartAir™ II, WirelessAir™ Tank Upgrade Kit and WirelessOne™ Tank Upgrade Kit. Do-it-yourself installations not eligible for rebate program. Amazon and eBay purchases not eligible nor are any other website purchases. Visit for full rebate offer terms. Products which the consumer buys and installs themselves do not qualify for the rebate program. Print an online rebate form at or call (800) 248-0892 to request a rebate form. Don’t Wait! OFFER ENDS 6/30/24 21

MORE THAN 50 YEARS OF AMERICAN INNOVATION AND QUALITY ROADMASTER Time Tested • Time Proven • Made in the USA TOW DEFENDER QUIET HITCH #6487 Since 1970, Roadmaster has offered a comprehensive line of products for motorhome-to-vehicle towing, including tow bars, baseplates, braking systems, steering stabilizers, and accessories as well as an extensive line of anti-sway bars for motorhomes. NTP-STAG # Mfg # Description 14-6027 061 Quiet Hitch NTP-STAG # Mfg # Description 14-6435 4750 Tow Defender for direct-connect NTP-STAG # Mfg # Description 14-0533 195225-S Spare Tire Carrier Eliminate noise at your hitch Anti-rattle hitch accessory INVISIBRAKE BRAKING SYSTEM Proportional towed vehicle braking NIGHTHAWK TOW BAR Illuminated towing for safety SPARE TIRE CARRIER FOR RVS Carry a spare and control costs NTP-STAG # Mfg # Description 14-6090 8700 InvisiBrake NTP-STAG # Mfg # Description 17-0578 676 Nighthawk 8,000-lb rated Most popular brake system Multiplex wiring solution Fits direct-connect baseplates Hitch- mounted 22

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The whole point of weight distribution is getting the correct amount of weight moved from the rear axles to the front axles of your vehicle. Current weight distribution hitches take an all-or-nothing approach: loaded or unloaded. Our composite LITEFLEX® bars make it possible to ne-tune your setup with just the pump of a handle. Our tapered composite spring bars made with LITEFLEX® technology by Hendrickson cover 600 - 1,600 lb tongue weight. Preset head angle works for every setup Single pivot point eliminates noise and wear points Unload the bars by simply twisting the needle valve knob. Load the bars by pumping the handle until desired weight is transferred to the front axle. Pressure gauge to ensure a repeatable setup Setup is all done on the driver’s side. Composite bars are lighter-weight and 5x more exible than steel, but with similar strength. Immediate and continuous friction sway prevention 24

25 RUGGED IS STANDARD EQUIPMENT™ CENTER LINE® FS The Center Line Friction Sway Two Point Weight Distribution System provides effective two point sway control with fewer components and faster installation time. A pair of spring bars are connected to the trailer frame using heavy-duty, adjustable support brackets that hold the spring bars in place laterally and vertically. Engagement pins create extra security and friction which allows the CLFS to deliver a smooth, safe ride, and prevents the trailer from traveling side to side. In addition to the integrated sway control, the CLFS features a pin-style locking system for the round bars and a new pre-set head that eliminates the use of washers for adjustment. Center Line hitches include a new longer shank to acommodate taller vehicles, and the weight distribution head comes with the trailer ball pre-installed and torqued; a feature not offered by other brands. A durable, powder-coated finish ensures the highest level of corrosion resistance for years of worry-free use. TWO POINT WEIGHT DISTRIBUTING HITCH SYSTEM • Combines weight distribution and sway control in a single unit, no need for additional hardware • Universal EZ adjust frame brackets for easy installation and adjustment • Provides sway control, superior performance, and value •Forged and hardened steel components deliver excellent long-term durability and service • Newly designed color-matched longer shank is included for installation • Hitch ball is factory pre-installed and properly torqued •Lighter weight than competing products •Handle can be used to connect and remove bars • Limited lifetime warranty MFG# TONGUE WEIGHT RANGE HITCH BALL SIZE GROSS TRAILER WEIGHT 400-600 lb 2-5/16” Ball Up to 6,000 lb 600-800 lb 2-5/16” Ball Up to 8,000 lb 800-1,200 lb 2-5/16” Ball Up to 12,000 lb CENTER LINEFS ® 33310 33311 33312 NTP-STAG# 07-8384 07-8385 07-8386

26 4-Point Sway Control Quality Construction Weight Distribution Easy to Use ® Included clamshell converts 2" ball to 2-5/16". Adjustable in height for level towing. 14-2140 BXH10141 14-2141 BXH10171 14-2142 BXH12241 14-2143 BXH12271

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS REESE® SPECIAL BUY ANY 3 OF THE PIN BOXES BELOW (MIX AND MATCH) *product display is compatible with any 3 of the pin boxes below Get a FREE PRODUCT DISPLAY! Plus, with each order, we'll also send the following complimentary REESE® items: • REESE Shop Stool • REESE Counter Mat • REESE Mouse Pad • REESE Pens • REESE Tacker Sign REESE® 2OK GOOSE BOX™ The next evolution in RV towing • Rated for 20,000 lb (4,000 lb pin weight) capacity. • Air-ride technology, multi-directional shock absorption, and rubber bumpers provide a superior ride and smoother driving experience. • Easy-to-reach lanyard for trouble-free hitching and uncoupling. • Automatically locks when coupling. • Lockable BULLDOG® coupler for added security. • Air pressure release valve with visible air pressure indicator prevents overfilling. • Fits Lippert (1621, 1716, 0719, Rhino) and Fabex PB 600 Series bolt patterns. REESE® 16K GOOSE BOX™ The next evolution in fifth wheel towing • Rated for 16,000 lb (3,200 lb pin weight) capacity. • Air-ride technology, multi-directional shock absorption, and rubber bumpers provide a superior ride and smoother driving experience. • Easy-to-reach lanyard for trouble-free hitching and uncoupling. • Automatically locks when coupling. • Lockable BULLDOG® coupler for added security. • Air pressure release valve with visible air pressure indicator prevents overfilling. • Fits Lippert (1621, 1716, 0719) and Fabex PB 600 Series Bolt Patterns. REESE® SIDEWINDER™ The ultimate short bed towing solution • Replaces existing RV pin box to allow for tighter, 90 degree turns and truck cab clearance. • Patent pending king pin locking system moves trailer pivot point 22-in rearward, keeping trailer load centered over the axles. • Allows trailer to automatically track more closely with truck. • Pivoting pin box allows for trailer hook up at extreme angles and tighter turns. • Unique design allows for more strength and heavier loads than standard pin boxes, with best-in-class 20K capacity. • Comes with King pin Wedge for REESE branded 5th wheel systems (other mfg 5th wheel wedges sold separately). * Not all vehicle and trailer combinations will allow 90 degree turns. To learn more about this offer, please contact your NTP-STAG representative. *Cannot be combined with any other programs or offers. *Proof of Purchase of qualifying products and quantities required. REESE. 27