2024 RV Big Book

HARDWARE Exhaust Fans, Powered/Non-Powered Vents, Vent Lids , Covers, and Kits Vent lid for Ventline and Elixir since 1994 is impact-resistant and comes preassembled. Includes all mounting hardware for quick, easy installation on all 14” x 14” RV vents. NON-POWERED PLASTIC VENTS 22-0145 V2092SP-28 Vent, White, 1/box 22-0147 V2092SP-29 Vent, Smoke, 1/box 22-0148 V2110SP-24 Vent, Aluminum, 1/box 71-0017 V2092-501-00Vent, White 71-0018 V2092-503-00Vent, Smoke 47-0245 BVD0455-01 Repl. Gasket 22-0341 BVD0421-15 Plas Crank Handle, Blk 22-0140 BV0115-04 Oper. w/ Handle, each 14” x 14” high profile vents have galvanized steel roof flanges to prevent leaks, removable screens and replaceable polypropylene cover. NON-POWERED METAL VENTS Radius-cornered, 14” x 14” low profile, galvanized steel vents have removable screens. 71-0005 V2110-501-00 Vent w/o Garnish Birch White 22-0241 BV0534-00 Metal Cover 71-0006 V2110-601-00 Vent w/o Garnish, Wht. 47-0245 BVD0455-01 Repl. Gasket 22-0140 BV0115-04 Oper. w/ Handle 22-0341 BVD0421-15 Plas. Crank Knob, Blk 47-0255 VA0445-36 Garnish, 3-7/8” to 4-1/8”, PW VENT LIDS CEILING EXHAUST FAN Use to ventilate bathrooms. Includes a motor/fan/ pipe assembly 50 CFM; 7” diameter round; 115V AC. Self-closing foam damper. 8” diameter roughin opening required. 91-1741 V2262-50 Fan w/o Cap & Flange POWERED VENTS Radius-cornered, 14” x 14” white roof vents. Comes with a replaceable white polypropylene cover with a white screen frame. Garnishes sold separately. 94-7635 V2128-511-00110V Vent 71-0019 V2094-501-0012V Vent 47-0255 VA0445-36 Garnish 3-7/8” to 4-1/8”, PW 47-0245 BVD0455-01 Repl. Gasket 47-0308 BVC0573-31 Radius Corner Screen 47-0215 BVA0311-02 Fan Blade, 115V 22-0341 BVD0421-15 Plastic Crank Knob Blk 47-0347 BVD0462-00 Repl. Operator/Knob POWER VENTADOME Radius corner, power vents have galvanized steel roof flanges, and a telescopic garnish. Dependable 12V motor. 3” garnish. Cut-out: 14-1/4” x 14-1/4”. 47-0230: 1/8” shaft hole. 47-0229: 1/16” shaft hole, 1-1/8” motor. 22-0229 VP-543 Vent, Polar White VAN AIR POWERED ROOF VENTS UNIVERSAL VENT LIDS Replaces Jensen, Ventline, Elixir and Ventadome. UV resistant polypropylene lids include hardware. 16” x 15” x 3.5”. 22-0447 A10-3375 White, 1/box 22-0449 A10-3376 Smoke, 1/box 22-0484 A10-3376PB Smoke 1/bag VENT STICK Open and closes any RV vent in seconds. 22-0120 29070 Vent Stick w/ Knob 22-0121 29103 Knob w/ Rings, 2/pack UNBREAKABLE VENT LID 22-0216 40161 White VENT LIDS Polypropylene vent lids include mounting hard-ware. Fits 14” x 14” RV vents. Mini fits 9” x 9”, w/ 7/8” garnish. 22-0200 40154 White, Jensen Pre-`94 22-0202 40156 White, Elixir, Pre-`94 22-0199 40153 White, Jensen Metal 22-0201 40155 White, Ventline, Elixir 22-0672 40146 Smoke, Ventline, Elixir 22-0193 40151 White, Ventline, ‘08 & Up ROOF VENT KIT Replaces Ventline, Jensen, and Elixir vents. Features a seamless, one-piece frame and is leak resilient and weather tight. The translucent lid is sun resilient and the built-in screen allows air through while keeping insects out. 22-0060 40480 Translucent 22-0235 BV0554-01 Repl. Lid, White 22-0237 BV0554-03 Repl. Lid, Smoke 47-0031 BVD0218-00C Repl. 12V Motor, Canada CEILING FANS 22-0002 410TSDC36BNOKCY 36" Reversible, Oak/Cherry 22-0001 410TSDC42BNWH 42", White ® 22-0440 V2094SP-30 Power Vent-White 47-0230 BVC0466-00 Repl Fan Blade 47-0229 BVD0218-00 Repl 12V Motor 47-0031 BVD0218-00C 12V Motor, Canada 47-0228 BV0199-03 Push Button Switch Experience the power blower. Includes a 12VDC motor drawing 2 amps, cover and garnish. Fits 1-1/2” to 4-1/2” roof thickness. Needs 6-1/4” rough opening. 22-0375 40421 White 22-0261 40711 Black Designed to allow fresh air ventilation and light into your RV—rain or shine. Offers high flow ventilation from an aerodynamic design. Features a built-in insect screen. Mounts to a 14” x 14” roof vent. Constructed of durable resin with removable louvers. 22-0376 40431 White 22-0257 40443 Black 22-0258 40453 Smoke VENT COVERS RV ROOF VENT COVERS Polypropylene vent covers fit older Ventline 14” x 14” Roof Ventadomes and Elixir universal vents 12V ceiling fans drop down only 5-1/8” so they can be mounted in most RVs. Reversible for year round comfort and energy savings. 1 year warranty. UV stabilized vent covers have 30% more open vent area than other brands. Swing-open design. Includes mounting hardware. Fits 14” x 14” vents. 22.5”L x 20”W x 9”H. VENT LID VENTLINE PRE’08/ELIXIR Replacement vent lid for Vent line prior to 2008 and Elixir since 1994. Impact-resistant and comes preassembled. Includes all mounting hardware for quick, easy installation on all 14” x 14” RV vents. 22-0430 40177 Black 06-12