2024 RV Big Book

JR PRODUCTS | LP GAS | JR PRODUCTS | LP GAS | JR PRODUCTS Genuine OEM Replacements LP GAS LP GAS LP Fittings & Accessories PROPANE BRANCH TEE POL • Male 1”- 20 Cylinder Thread x Female POL x Male POL x 1/4” Female Inverted Flare • Includes brass cylinder thread cap and 1/4” threaded plug 06-0066 07-30135.....Branch Tee, pkg. QUICK CONNECT BRANCH TEE • Male Quick Connect x Female Quick Connect x 1”- 20 Male Cylinder Thread • Includes green quick connect and brass cylinder thread cap • WARNING: Gas lanterns are not to be connected with quick connect applications 06-0075 07-30215.....Branch Tee, pkg. 1/4” GAS INTERCHANGE Y-SPLITTER • Used with the Gas-Flo RV Quick disconnect couplers • Quick and easy to install & remove • Converts a single RV quick disconnect into a dual one • ¼” Male x (2) ¼” Female Connections 15-4235 07-31705..... Y-Splitter, pkg. QUICK DISCONNECT DUST PLUG • Rubber dust plug for use with our female quick disconnect coupler 06-0117 07-30465.....Dust Plug, pkg. STANDARD RV LP TANK PAN • Used on most towable RVs to secure dual LP tanks 20-1419 07-31535.....Pan, Black, bulk 06-0119 07-30485.....Pan, White, bulk LP THREADED ROD • 1/2” Threaded Rod used for LP Tank Security 06-0120 07-30515.....20# Rod, 13” x 17-1/3”, bulk 06-0121 07-30525.....30# Rod, 13” x 23-1/2”, bulk LP TANK HOLD DOWN BAR • Metal bar used to secure LP tanks in place • Notched to accept three sizes of LP tanks 06-0118 07-30475.....Hold Down Bar, bulk LP TANK WINGNUT • Used for securing LP tanks to RV • Galvanized steel 06-0122 07-30535..... Wingnut, pkg. TEFLON GAS SEALANT TAPE • UL/ULC approved to 1000 PSI • 1/2” wide x 236” length • Temperature Range: -450°F to +500°F • Non-toxic, chemically inert • Resists corrosion 06-0051 07-30025.....Sealant Tape, pkg. GAS SEALANT COMPOUND • CSA/ULC approved • 3000 PSI Gas or 8,000 PSI Liquid • Temperature Range: -50°F to +400°F • Used on all metals, plastic, PVC, fiberglass, CPVC, nylon threaded applications • Not for use on oxygen 06-0123 07-30555.....Sealant Compound, pkg. ALL LP GAS PRODUCTS ARE SUPPLIED BY FAIRVIEW FITTINGS 05-23