2024 RV Big Book

SUN & SHADE Awning Savers, Awning Guard, Repair Tape, Tie Downs AWNING REPAIR TAPE Permanent repair for rips and punctures on your RV awning. Use it for RV, boat sails, canvas, tents, rain wear, backpacks, popup campers and more. It has an aggressive adhesive and resists tearing in any direction. 01-0920 42613 3” x 15’ 01-0921 42623 5” x 15’ AWNING BUDDY Stops awning noise and flutter in windy areas. Includes adjustable levers to tighten or loosen as needed. Locking levers for easy installation and removal. Rubberized surface contacts awning for gripping power. 12” size gives you 50% more stability than other brands. 01-0942 A30-0300 Awning Buddy, 2/bag AWNING SAVER CLAMPS Plastic clamps secure tightly to awning side arms to prevent flapping, rips or tears. Fits most awnings. Lifetime warranty. 01-0949 A10252 (27#) Clamp, Gray, 2/card 01-0950 A10253 Clamp, White, 2/card DE-FLAPPER MAX 01-0960 42251 2/pack Protects your RV awning from costly rips and tears while preventing noisy wind flapping. Features wide grippers to keep awnings more stable in wind and rain. Fits most RV awnings. HAPPY HOOK AWNING TIE DOWNS LED ROPE LIGHTS/TRAK AWNING LOCK PINS RV AWNING TIE DOWN KIT Secure awning arms during travel. Replaces Carefree and A&E. 3-1⁄2”usable length. 01-1010 1164 2Pk Lock Pin Includes a 2” heavy-duty polypropylene webbing strap, two 15” galvanized steel stakes and an 8” tension spring. Fits awnings up to 25’. 01-0968 09253 Tie Down Kit, 25’ AWNING SAVERS Prevents awning tears and gently lifts the awning out of the way when door is open. Easy to install. 01-1016 05014 Removable 01-0922 05004 Permanent AWNING KNOBS Long awning plastic knobs fit Carefree awnings (1-3/4” threaded stem). Short awning plastic knobs fit Faulkner and A&E awnings (1/2” threaded stem). 2/bag. 01-0992 E351 Long 01-0993 E353 Short Hooks into the roller tube of your awning and fully rotates the awning tube to keep fabric tight. Unhooks for quick awning take down. Includes hooks, cords and stakes. 01-0964 A30-0200 Tie Downs, 2/card 16-0178 A30-0215 Spiral Stake 18-2041 A30-0650 18' Rope Lights, Clear 18-2042 A30-0675 18' Rope Lights , Color LED lighting ropes for indoor or outdoor use. Rope Light Trak holds rope lights in one track and awning drapes or other hanging accessories. Contains six - 3’ sections and holds 3/8” or 1/2” rope lights. 03-36