2024 RV Big Book

OUTDOOR LIVING Pest Repellent, Awning Hangers Fresh Cab Stay Away® Fresh Cab botanical rodent repellent is a 100% natural blend of corn cob chips, plants and herbal extracts that freshens and protects. Our all-natural repellent has the ability to repel mice & rats in leisure vehicles and hunting equipment and has been: - Proven by several independent studies - Registered by the federal EPA - Awarded the USDA Green Seal of Approval HELPING YOU CREATE HEALTH & HARMONY IN YOUR RV! MANAGING MICE MANAGING PESTS PART # MFG. # DESCRIPTION 13-0432 020-126 U.S. Version 4 Pouches Per Box 13-0402 020-129 12 Pack Clip Strip U.S. Version 1 Pouch Per Box 13-0391 020-128 8 Pack Display Tray U.S. Version 1 Pouch Per Box PART # MFG. # DESCRIPTION 13-2014 020-130 Stay Away® Ants 13-2015 020-131 Stay Away® Beetles 13-2016 020-132 Stay Away® Moths 13-2017 020-133 Stay Away® Spiders 13-2018 020-134 Stay Away® Pouch Pod™ Stay Away®’s patented pouch design delivers a long-lasting, slow release of proven essential oils, quickly repelling pests from treated areas, and reliably preventing re-infestation for up to three months. Simply place Stay Away® pouches in any indoor/enclosed areas for ant, moth, spider or rodent infestations. Safe for humans, pets and the environment PARTY LIGHT HANGERS Stainless steel party light hangers are guaranteed to last! Hang your party lights with ease with this new design. Clip has the strength to hang on in the strongest of winds. 10/card. 01-0961 05205 Awning Hangers DOUBLE SNAP FASTENERS Easy on/off. Double snap. Sturdy grip. Holds patio lights, curtains and more securely. 4/card. 03-0815 05044 Double Snaps AWNING ACCESSORY HANGERS Hang party lights, plants, or accessories. Slides into any brand awning roller tube. Includes 7 hangers and 7 “S” hooks. 01-0943 A77040 Gray 01-0944 A77041 Black 01-0948 A77045 White AWNING HOOK UPS Slides into the awning rail to hold rope lights, string lights, flags, banners, signs, windsocks and more. No need for “S” hooks or other hardware. 69-9206 22662 Awning Hook Ups, 10/card KLIPPY KLIPS Hang lights, flags, banners and more from your RV awning. Plastic clips swivel and pivot for easy mounting. Stainless steel spring for long life. 01-0954 M111 10pk Klippy Klips 03-8599 M125 4pk Super Klip 03-8598 M122 10pk Rope Light Klip 01-0954 03-8599 03-8598 AWNING HANGERS Use with patio or window awnings to hang party lights , wind chimes, bird feeders, flowers and more. 7/card. 03-2603 006-203 Awning Hangers 01-20