2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

Shop 24/7 at www.seawide.com 89 Appliances • GALLEY & INTERIOR 89 DOMETIC PATROL 20 15 Can/18.8l Capacity Dimensions: 14.9” H x 20.7” W x 14” D Net weight: 17.55 lbs Part No.: 9600006279 DOMETIC PATROL 35 28 Can/35.6l Capacity Dimensions: 16.3” H x 27.2” W x 15.3” D Net weight: 25.75 lbs Part No.: 9600006280 DOMETIC PATROL 55 43 Can/54.3l Capacity Dimensions: 18.8” H x 29.8” W x 16.4” D Net weight: 32.98 lbs Part No.: 9600006281 Our high-performance coolers keep ice cold for days! Built to last trip after trip with thick PU insulated walls, a single piece roto-molded construction, and a full-length hinge pin. We even care what’s inside, using environmentally friendly C5 insulation which reduces GHG emissions by over 90% compared to its predecessor. More than just a box to put ice in, these coolers offer smart features like Patrol’s leak proof drain, deep-freeze lid seal and one-hand rubber latch opening. HIGH-PERFORMANCE COOLER DOMETIC PATROL 75 58 Can/74.2l Capacity Dimensions: 18.8” H x 35” W x 17.6” D Net weight: 38.18 lbs Part No.: 9600006282 DOMETIC PATROL 105 81 Can/102l Capacity Dimensions: 18.8” H x 44.9” W x 18.1” D Net weight: 49.54 lbs Part No.: 9600006283 PRE-COOL CONTENTS When possible, chill or freeze your goods prior to packing them into your Patrol cooler. The ice won’t have to work as hard to get the contents cold and it will last longer. OUR TIP! FILLING THE PATROL COOLER Fill the Patrol cooler with ice as much as possible. Ideally 2 times the amount being stored is recommended. More ice means less air, and longer ice retention. (DOD)