2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

Your Local, Nationwide Distributor 56 DOCKING & ANCHORS • Boat Fenders & Accessories Part No. Description HHB-36W 36" x 6" x 4" HHB-C1W Corner, 10" x 4" x 2.5" HHB-24W 24" x 4" x 2.5" Part No. Description HH-L Large, 9' x 26" x 24" HH-M Medium, 7.5' x 22" x 20" HH-S Small, 7.5' x 16" x 12" Part No. Description HH-P1B PWC Fender - Black Part No. Description SB-4 3” x 18” Black, Pair (A4M) Hull Hugr Dock Bumper These bumpers protect boats around the dock. They’re manufactured from UV and tear resistant vinyl/polyester tri-laminate and lled with high density closed-cell foam. Equipped with corrosion-proof grommets for extra cushion and resistance. Traditional round fenders roll up, leaving boats unprotected and they’re bulky to stow. HULL HUGR to the rescue! When boats rock, HULL HUGR stays put. This protects boats better than 6 traditional fenders. The ingenious design enables you to fold it up to a compact size to easily stow. Constructed of UV and puncture resistant marine grade vinyl/ polyester tri-laminate. Six blocks of durable closed-cell foam are sealed inside. There are 3 sizes to t every boat, dock, and slip. Engineered speci cally for PWCs, hinges in the center to protect PWC from docks designed for bigger boats. Hooks under the rub rail with a molded acetyl hook integrated into the back of the fender. Connect the top of the fender to a cleat or ski eye with the adjustable strap and vinyl dipped steel hook provided. Recommended 2 fenders per PWC. PWC Fenders These fenders have nylon covers and attach to PWCs with 2 giant suction cups to secure under the hood and seat.