2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

Your Local, Nationwide Distributor 44 This complete anchor system is in a class by itself. The system is designed for smaller vessels and ts under most seats or PWC storage compartments. It’s small but mighty against the elements including mud, sand, gravel, and rock. Perfect for anchoring in shallow water, just off the beach in Santa Monica, California. Screw the zinc-plated anchor into compacted sand or mud in 2-3 ft. of water. Simply snap one of the hooks to the screw anchor and the other to your small boat. This vinyl-dipped uke anchor weighs only 1-3/4 lbs. and won’t scratch nishes. Perfect for temporary mooring of PWXC and other small craft, a 25 ft marine grade rope is spliced to it. A sturdy nylon case is also included for convenient storage. Folding Anchor System Screw Anchor System Lightweight Fluke Anchor w/25” Rope And Storage Bag (A4M) DOCKING & ANCHORS • Anchors Part No. A-2 Part No. A-3 Part No. A-5 The new Legacy anchor has been developed offering style and practicality. Made from high-grade galvanized steel, the Legacy anchor demonstrates exceptional ant-corrosion performance with enhanced aesthetics. The large ukes perform superbly under high loads while being extremely lightweight. (T4V) Part No. Description 30100 Legacy Series Anchor 5 lb. (for boats 16'-28') 30101 Legacy Series Anchor 8 lb. (for boats 29'-33') 30102 Legacy Series Anchor 12 lb. (for boats 34'-40') 30103 Legacy Series Anchor 18 lb. (for boats 41'-46') 30104 Legacy Series Anchor 26 lb. (for boats 47'-50') (MOE) Mushroom shaped anchor 8 lb. of cast iron with a heavy-duty PE black coating for scratch protection. Limited 1-year warranty. Mushroom-Shaped Anchor Galvanized steel chain is 1/4” dia. X 4’ L with 5/16” hot dipped galvanized shackle for durability. Anchor Chain Legacy Series Anchors Part No. 053215 Part No. 05322010