2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

Your Local, Nationwide Distributor 4 RECREATION & WATERSPORTS • Pool Accessories Reliable protection made from durable, heavy-duty 500D PVC tarpaulin for rugged use. Adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying. Clear phone pocket lets you use your phone while still in the bag, safe and dry. Keep your phone safe and dry! Place your phone inside the waterproof phone pocket and use your phone while still in the bag. Made from heavy-duty 500D PVC tarpaulin, these phone holders are built for the most rugged use and will last for years. Waterproof Dry Bags Waterproof Smart Phone Holder Part No. Description 185070C 10L, CLEAR 185070O 10L, ORANGE 185080C 20L, CLEAR 185080Y 20L, YELLOW 185090C 30L, CLEAR 185090G 30L, GREEN 185100B 40L, BLUE 185100C 40L, CLEAR Part No. Description 185010R 5" x 8", Red 185020B 5" x 8", Blue 185000B 4" x 8", Blue 185000R 4" x 8", Red The Beach Bronco is a foam floating seat. Made from extra thick soft foam, the Beach Bronco allows you to keep your legs and arms free while relaxing in your swimming pool or favorite body of water. Beach Bronco Saddle Float First Class Soft Dipped Foam Whale Display Part No. Description 142130 Blue 142120 Orange 142140 Red 142150 Yellow The WOW Water Pickle is an inflatable pool noodle. Now, you don’t need to fill up your garage or boat with bulky foam noodles. The Water Pickle can be deflated for easy storage. It can be inflated by mouth in under a minute. Use the Water Pickle as a float in your swimming pool, party cove, or floating down the river. Water Pickle Part No. Description 182010 10/pk Have fun at the pool or lake with these cute pals from WOW! Assorted characters of a pig, frog and duck. 220 lb. capacity. Pool Pals Part No. Description 172050 Assorted, 12/pk Part No. Description 202070 Contains 6 hi-back 250 Lb. capacity (WOW) Heavy-duty ribbed texture, soft luxurious foam for extra grip, and non-slip makes floating comfortable and easy, plus conforms to the body. Extra large for support and more flotation up to 250 lbs. First Class Pool Noodle Take your game from the house to your favorite body of water, tailgate or campground. The Travel Pong is made of heavy-duty PVC and has 4 extra cup or can holders on each side of the table as well as 4 grommets for tying off. When not using it as a Pong table just flip it over and it can be used as a lounge or water mat. Travel Pong Part No. Description 172060B Blue 172062LG Lime Green 172064R Red 202060 Floor Display 4, of each color Part No. 192020 H2O Proof Counter Display Part No. Description 195140 Holds 24 pieces