2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

Shop 24/7 at www.seawide.com 31 Safety Flares • SAFETY & FLOTATION Part No. Description 584 Alerter Basic 4 Locator Plus-4 • Flares, Whistle & Flag with oating case • 4- Hand Held Flares • 3x3 Safety Flag • 116 db safety whistle with lanyard • U.S. Coast Guard approve Distress Flag • Floatable storage case Alerter Basic-4 • 12-Gauge Launcher kit with Red Aerial Flares • Kit includes 12-Gauge Launcher and bandolier that can hold up to 6 signals • 4 ea. 12-Gauge High Performance Red Aerials • Altitude up to 500’ Electronic SOS Beacon Locator with Distress Flag • Bright SOS distress signal in Morse Code • Waterproof with easy On/Off Switch • Floats 4” above waterline • High impact ABS plastic • Requires 2 D-cell batteries • Flag included complies with U.S. Coast Guard Daytime Signaling Handheld Red Signal Flares • U.S. Coast Guard Approved • Day or Night Nighttime signal • Includes four handheld ares. • Burn time 3 minutes Safety Whistle w/Lanyard • Durable weather resistant plastic construction delivers a loud, shrill signal (116 db at 1 meter) • The perfect device to attach to PFDs Includes hanging lanyard Lightsticks 4 Pack • Easy To Use, waterproof and lightweight • 2 green, 1 red, 1 white • Dependable lightsource, whenever and wherever you need it • Child friendly with no batteries required Part No. Description 534 Locator Plus-4 w/Whistle, Flag Part No. Description 547 SOS Electronic Beacon Part No. Description 865 CED Handheld Flares Part No. Description 676 Safety Whistle w/Lanyard-2 Pack Part No. Description 924 Lightsticks 4 Pack (O6R) All Items May Not Be Sold In Canada. Roadside Flare Kit Plus • Includes rst aid supplies • Offers a complete roadside emergency kit • Safety Equipment for low-light conditions • Offers ares and re ectors 5eflectiYe 5oadside 7rianJles • 3 Pack • Meets US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #125 • Weighted Base Withstands 40MPH DOT Wind Test • Quick and Easy Assembly Flare Kit 6 Pack • Each kit contains: • Six 30 minute ares • Bright orange safety vest • Storage case with are pockets Vest holder Part No. Description 461 3 Pack DOT Compliant Triangles Part No. Description 8905 Emergency Highway Kit Plus Part No. Description 6030 6 Pack 30 minute ares