2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

199 Shop 24/7 at www.seawide.com Cleaning Tools • CLEANING & MAINTENANCE 0icroÀber Wash 0itt 7Zo-In-One &henille SponJe 0icroÀber 7oZels Fire +ose No]]le Part No. Description 40309 Micro ber Wash Mitt Long micro ber super suds maker holds more soap and water. Cleans like a mop without snagging on crevices. Elastic cuff keeps mitt snug. Long micro ber super suds maker holds more soap and water. Scrub side removes bug and tar. Part No. Description 40112 Long Chenille Sponge Jet sprays over 40 feet. Adjustable from jet to rinse. Lifetime guarantee. Part No. Description 90051 Fire Hose Nozzle Superior polishing, drying and detailing towel. Extra durable and lint-free. Use for any boat, RV, truck, van or car care task. Part No. Description 40061 Micro ber Towels, 3/pk 40062 Micro ber Towels, 8/pk Spa-Soft 'etailinJ 7oZels 100% polyester micro ber is ultra plush. Premium HYDROMAX™ treatment makes these towels super absorbent. Perfect for washing, drying, polishing and detailing. Color band edging helps prevent cross contamination of chemicals. 12” x 16”. Part No. Description 45625AS 6 Pack Maximize your spraying power with our latest marine, cleaning machine. This ultra-light power cleaner now comes with a faster charge time so you can quickly tackle bird droppings, dirty anchors, boat seats and all the other dirt and grime that gets brought onto your boat and pier. No spigots. No bulky hose lines. Just an easy clean, every time. PoZer Pro 0a[ Portable Pressure Washer USE IT ATHOME OR ONTHEGO DROP THEHOSE INANY WATERSOURCE Part No. Description 12444 Taylor Made Power Pro Max Portable Pressure Washer (T4V) (C51)