2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

194 Your Local, Nationwide Distributor CLEANING & MAINTENANCE • Cleaners Effectively cleans PVC, Vinyl, Hypalon, EVA, Nylon, Plastic, Neoprene and Polyurethane materials. Helps prevent corrosion of metal, rubber or nylon hardware. Won’t fade covers. Great for cleaning skis and wakeboards. MaryKate® Inflatable Boat &leaner Part No. Description MK3832 32 oz Dual-action formula specially designed to instantly clean and brighten aluminum hulls. With Safe Acid Technology™ best for light to medium oxidation. Safe on anodized and painted aluminum. MaryKate® Alumine[™ &lean & Shine Part No. Description MK3332 32 oz Maximum strength formula quickly removes the heaviest oxidation and eliminates waterline stains, lime deposits and algae stains. MaryKate® Alumine[™ +ull &leaner Part No. Description MK3132 32 oz. (C28) MaryKate® Alumine[Œ - Pontoon & +ull &leaner Part No. Description MK31128 1 Gal. (C28) Removes deeply embedded dirt, grease, grime and oil. Easy to use. Concentrated foam cleaner works fast. Excellent for all interior and exterior vinyl. MaryKate® 9inyl &leaner Part No. Description MK2718 18 oz. An extremely versatile metal polish that cleans and polishes more than 11 different types of metal. The formula contains no harsh abrasives and is even gentle enough to use on berglass. MaryKate® Brilliant 0etal Polish Part No. Description MK88 14 oz.