2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

189 Shop 24/7 at www.seawide.com Cleaners • CLEANING & MAINTENANCE SIMPLYTHE BEST Cleans hard-to-reach bilge areas; controls odor. Protects paint, berglass gelcoat, and wood from solvent. Attacks and minimizes build up of combustible fumes. ECO BILGE CLEANER® Part No. 801BT4 — 8 oz (946 ml) Part No. 801Q — 32 oz (946 ml) A heavy-duty formula that removes stubborn dirt, stains, and residue from all marine surfaces. Can be used in fresh and salt water. Biodegradable formula. ECO ZOAP® PLUS Part No. 811BT4 — 8 oz (946 ml) Part No. 811Q — 32 oz (946 ml) An all-purpose formula that removes bird droppings, harbor scum, and dirt from all marine surfaces. Can be used in fresh and salt water. Environmentally friendly, biodegradable formula. ECO ZOAP® Part No. 806BT4 — 8 oz (946 ml) Part No. 806Q — 32 oz (946 ml) Eco Spray All and Black Streak Remover is a highly effective, allpurpose cleaner that is safer for use and safer for the environment. It whisks away black streaks, grime, stains, oxidation, rust, and oil. ECO SPRAY-ALL AND BLACK STREAK REMOVER Specially formulated. Cleans soiled areas and removes mildew stains from vinyl and canvas tops, headers, cushion, seats, shower curtains, interior/ exterior berglass hull, and cabin surfaces. ECO MILDEW CLEANER AND STAIN REMOVER Part No. 847Q — 32 oz (946 ml) Part No. 851Q — 32 oz (946 ml) Breaks down and removes both new and old stains to include grease, grime, and scum. Leaves a bright nish that resists dirt and build up. ALL-OFF® MARINE DEGREASER Part No. 1114-32 — 32 oz (946 ml) Completely nontoxic. Eliminates the production of H2S, cuts down on solid waste, and leaves your holding tank odorless. H20 SPOT ZOAP® Part No. 926 — 4 oz (S9D)