2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

182 Your Local, Nationwide Distributor CLEANING & MAINTENANCE • Cleaners SPECIALTY FABRIC + VINYL CARE Lift dirt from Non-skid surfaces Moisturizes & adds UV protection Waterproofs canvas, nylon, fabrics & leather Cleans & Eliminates odor from carpets Removes salt deposits from all marine surfaces Removes tough dirt, stains & grime Removes mildew stains on contact All surface cleaner & degreaser Leaves bilge clean & odorfree Quick way to remove black streaks Non-Skid Deck Cleaner Boat Wash Black Streak Remover Ultimate Xtreme Clean Bilge Cleaner Ultimate Vinyl Guard Ultimate Carpet Clean Salt Off Waterproof Ultimate Vinyl Clean Mildew Stain Remover Part No. Description 080416P 16 oz - Boat Wash 089816 16 oz - Boat Wash & Wax 089732PW 32 oz - Sea Safe Boat Wash Part No. Description 071622P 22 oz 071600N Gallon Part No. Description 085932PW 32 oz Part No. Description 083222P 22 oz Part No. Description 080532PW 32 oz Part No. Description 095932 32 oz Part No. Description 096232 32 oz Part No. Description 085616P 22 oz Part No. Description 081922P 22 oz 081900N Gallon Part No. Description 088922P 22 oz Part No. Description 094000 32 oz kit (S2R) Marine Grade Silicone & Sealant Formulated with premium formula that is easy to apply yet provides long-lasting service Part No. Description 82121 10 oz - White Silicone 82122 10 oz - Clear Silicone 82101 2.8 oz - White Silicone 82102 2.8 oz - Clear Silicone 83301 2.8 oz - Polyurethane SEALANTS