2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

Your Local, Nationwide Distributor 166 ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING • Lighting Waterproof oval stainless steel light has six super bright LEDs. Measures 5.7” x 1.7”. Aim for the maximum WOW factor with these versatile 72” LED lights! Great for lighting a deck or under the gunwale areas. Quality 3M backing tape for mounting anywhere. Can be cut to length. Low amp draw won’t run batteries down. Water and moisture resistant. All of our strip lights will have hot and ground wire leads coming off one end of the strip, 12V. Control RGB lights with your choice of controller. IP68 fully waterproof, it includes: RGB controller, RGB light strips, mounting channels, hardware and Instructions. Oval LED Light LED Flex Strip Lights RGB Pontoon Light Kits Part No. Description LED-SM7815-B-DP Blue Part No. Description LED-51954-DP 48" Blue, 4W LED-51957-DP 72" Blue, 4W Part No. Description LED-PBDK20RGB-DP RGB Color Changing Remote, 18-22' boats - 6m/20' LED-PBDK25RGB-DP RGB Color Changing Remote, 24-30' boats - 7.5m/25' Epoxy to resist water, corrosion and vibration, Requires 2” diameter hole. Black, white and chrome bezel comes with each light. LEDs per light. Recessed LED Puck Light Part No. Description LED-51849-DP Blue (T9T) (T9T) 1W LED light has die-cast aluminum, powder-coated housing and an optical grade PMMA lens. 10-30V DC. LED Super Spreader Light (T9T) Flat, exible ribbon LED strip lights are fully waterproof and submersible. Silicone tube with silicone gel ll. Includes: two 20’ or 25’L IP68 LED light strips, waterproof wiring harness, and mounting channels. Designed to work with a marine grade 12V on/off switch. Mounts with adhesive strips, pre-installed on mounting channels for easy installation. Pontoon Under Deck LED Light Kits Part No. Description LED-PBDK20B-DP Blue - 16-22' boats - 6m/20' LED-PBDK25B-DP Blue - 24-30' boats - 7.5m/25' (T9T) (T9T) (T9T) Ideal for use in boats and RVs as a ceiling light, courtesy light, or task light. Clear Polycarbonate engineered lens optics provide uniform and wide angle illumination. Great for lighting under cabinets, cockpits, headliners, and compartments. Polished Stainless Steel Bezel for a rich, clean look. Surface mounts on any at surface with hidden fasteners. Circuit board completely sealed in epoxy to resist water, corrosion and vibration. LEDs feature super long life span of up to 50,000 hours. 3” diameter. Stainless LED Puck Lights Part No. Description LED-51827-DP White LED-51828-DP Blue (T9T) Provides light for a variety of uses. Recessed, standard 2-1/4” square lights are 2.25” x 2.25”. Great for compartments, rod lockers, and gear bins. Use to light a pathway or storage area. Three LEDs have low (15mA) draw, long life (up to 100,000 hours), super-bright (15 Lm) output, and a frosted PC lens. Circuit board is completely sealed in epoxy to resist water, corrosion and vibration. Hidden fastener models provide clean, no screw-head exposed installation. LED Courtesy Companion Way Lights Part No. Description LED-51876-DP White w/White Bezel LED-51894-DP White, 16” Wires w/White Bezel & Hidden Fasteners LED-51891-DP White, 16” Wires w/Black Bezel & Hidden Fasteners Kit includes mounting ring. Convenient built-in switch, simply push lens for on/off. Oval Hole: 3-1/4”” x 2-1/8””. Flange overall: 5”” x 3-1/8””. 12V, 5W with tin wire. Can be hole mounted or ush mounted. Flush mount bezel Included in aftermarket kits. Popular LED or Incandescent Models. Oval Courtesy Led Lights Part No. Description OCL-1K-DP Black, Light and Ring OCL-2K-DP White, 16” Wires w/White Bezel & Hidden Fasteners (T9T) Waterproof, 12V LED light is great for livewell illumination. Requires 1” hole. 1 LED with diffuser lens and a pigtail connection. Flush Head LED Livewell Lights Part No. Description LED-51875-DP Blue (T9T) (T9T) Part No. LED-51914-DP