2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

163 Shop 24/7 at www.seawide.com Electrical Components/Battery • ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING Part No. 703035 Part No. 703024 Part No. 700115 Angled 26 to 10 AWG Double Crimp Ratcheting Crimper • For crimping nylon and vinyl terminals • Angled head design is ideal for use in tight spaces • Self-releasing mechanism ensures a proper crimp • Ratcheting operation and ergonomic handels prevent fatigue • Length: 9.5" (24 cm) Mini Pocket Butane Torch • Piezo electronic ignition system • Flame temperature up to 2500°F / 1300°C • Windproof and waterproof ame • Pocket size allows the unit to t easily into any tool kit • Powered by disposable cigarette lighter or re llable butane fuel cell (included) Dielectric Silicone Compound • Fights oxidation to improve conductivity • Penetrates aluminum oxide to maintain current paths • Temperature rated at 40° to 500°F / 4°C to 260°C • 1/3 oz tube (A4V) Manufactured with Ancor’s premium UL1426 tinned copper. The battery cable is ne stranded to produce maximum conductivity and exibility. In addition, all Ancor battery cable is ame retarded, UV inhibited, rated to 600V and 105°C. The lugs are tinned copper to avoid corrosion and last longer. Each end has adhesive lined 3:1 heatshrink tubing placed over the electrical connection to seal out moisture and other corrosive elements found in the marine environment and to provide strain relief ensuring a longer lasting battery connection. Battery Cable Assemblies Part No. Description 189130 4AWG 18" Black 189131 4AWG 18" Red 189134 4AWG 32" Black 189135 4AWG 32" Red 189140 2AWG 18" Black 189141 2AWG 18" Red Marine Grade® tool for use in stripping and cutting 8 gauge to 4/0 gauge battery cable. Features an adjustable blade height for removing insulation. Swivel blade for circular and longitudinal cuts. Blade housing combined with an ultra-sharp blade greatly reduces friction for smoother stripping. Black. Cable Stripper Part No. 703065 Waterproof ATO and ATC fuse holder, black. Waterproof Fuse Holder Part No. 607019