2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

Your Local, Nationwide Distributor 106 GALLEY & INTERIOR • Outrigger Accessories Provides strength for your outriggers when installed through your T-top. Slides over the mount bases of the GS-280, 2801, 380 and 390, these plates will save your T-top from potential damage caused by outrigger torque when extended. Provides strength to base and matches existing base hole pattern. No drilling required. Sold in pairs. 5-year limited warranty. Perfect for organizing halyard lines when not in use. Fits all TACO Marine outrigger poles. For 1-1/2” poles, removing the rubber spacer is recommended. 1-year limited warranty. Use when rigging your halyard lines to the gunwale of your boat. Its sleek, stainless-steel, mushroom design allows halyard pulley blocks to be locked into place with zero effort. Eliminates unattractive, and sometimes painful, “camel-back” cleats. Install using 3/4” drill bit through the gunnel. Mushroom head-threaded bolt. Adjustable for boats with 1” to 2-1/2” thick gunnels. Ronstan medium cam cleat for 1/8” to 1/4” thick rope and a heavy-duty lock washer to prevent loosening from excess vibration. Electro-polished bracket with countersunk mounting holes. 1-year limited warranty. Mount has removable arm to allow for an unobstructed gunnel while the unique hex nut locking design offers multiple fishing positions. Made of polished stainless steel. Ambidextrous 45º arm is ideal for trolling from gunnel. Note: For use at trolling speeds only. Arm does not lock into mount. Outriggers should be in the vertical position when the boat is operating at running speeds. Sold in pairs. 3-year limited warranty. Backing Plate Kit Outrigger Line Caddy Outrigger Line Tensioner Striker Base Gunnel Mount For 1-1/8” Outrigger Grand Slam 170 Mount Grand Slam 390 Mount for 1-1/2” Outrigger Grand Slam 280 Mount Pro Series GS-400 Mount Part No. Description BP-150BSY-320-1 Backing Plate Kit, 6-1/2” X 5” X 1/2” GS BSY Finish. Pairs with TACO GS-280, 2801, 380 and 390 Outrigger Mounts. Part No. Description GS-170 For 1-1/8" Outrigger, Pair GS-170-2 For 1-1/8" Center Rigger, Single Unit Part No. Description GS-390 Standard 390 Mount GS-390XL Mount w/XL Heavy Duty w/Forward Arm Part No. Description GS-280 Ideal for boats 25' to 35' long GS-2801 Mount with 30° Offset Handle Part No. F16-0204-1 (T9A) Part No. F40-0030BKA-1 Part No. F16-0212-F Part No. GS-400 Mount is compatible with 1-1/8" Tele-Outrigger poles. Versatile mounting base for 5' x 6' of shade with ShadeFin™. Stainless-steel and Anodized Aluminum construction. The Sure-Grip knob allows lift adjustments every 18° while locking lever secures out-bound rotation to desired location. Delrin bearings allow for smooth, secure operation. 3-year limited warranty. The most popular center console outrigger base ever! Their reliability, durability and sleek appearance has made them a staple in the offshore fishing community. Ideal for the mid-range-sized boat, from 23' to 35', these bases are made for hardcore offshore fishing. Ideal for hardtops up to 2-1/2" thick. Compatible with 1-1/2" Tele-Outrigger Poles and the 1-1/8" Tele-Outrigger poles with the addition of the GSC-0025 Base Reducer (sold separately). Cast stainless-steel and machined aluminum construction. Strong, locking head allows perfect positioning. Allows for horizontal rotation from under the T-top. Sold in pairs. Model GS-2801 has a 30° offset handle for better hand clearance. 3-year limited warranty. For anglers craving a more competitive edge on the water, this heavy-duty outrigger mount steps up to the challenge. Offers a more robust gusset and thicker arm to withstand the torque and pressure created when using longer outrigger poles. This base is perfect for the bigger, faster center console boats between 25’ and 40’. Anglers can easily deploy an outrigger’s vertical lift and horizontal rotation from the boat deck (under the T-top) in rough seas. Comes equipped with our secure pin-locking technology and pairs well with TACO’s Deluxe Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Tele-Outriggers. Offset handle for better hand clearance. Cast stainless-steel and machined aluminum construction for long life. Strong locking head allows perfect positioning. Model GS-390XL has an extra long body for hardtops up to 4-1/2" thick. 3-year limited warranty. Outrigger mount for boats up to 50' and 1600 horsepower. Its increased girth and weight is designed to handle the additional pressure from torque and whip the longer outrigger poles generate. As the "big brother" to the popular GS-280, the GS-400 powers through day-after-day of offshore excitement. Features a heavy duty base and arm and can handle additional torque and whip from outrigger poles up to 24'. Uses 1-1/2" TACO Tele-Outriggers. Made of cast stainless-steel and machined aluminum, its strong, locking head allows perfect positioning. Allows for horizontal rotation from under the T-top. Comes with two heavy-duty backing plates. 3-year limited warranty.