2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

Your Local, Nationwide Distributor 104 GALLEY & INTERIOR • Hardware (A7J) (T9T) Part No. Description SL34-60-5 Ni-Slide Series, 60#, 10mm socket, 30 ext. L, 12 comp. L 8” Stroke Part No. Description F30-0861BSA-1 15° Portable Cleat Part No. Description WSH-1PR-DP Windshield Holder Clips, Pr. Part No. Description P10-2512WHA27-1 12 x 27 x 1/4” White P10-2524BLK54-1 24 x 54 x 1/4” Black P10-2524WHA54-1 24 x 54 x 1/4” White P10-5012BLK27-1 12 x 27 x 1/2” Black P10-5012WHA27-1 12 x 27 x 1/2” White P10-5024BLK54-1 24 x 54 x 1/2” Black Part No. Description P10-5024WHA27-1 24 x 27 x 1/2” White P10-5024WHA54-1 24 x 54 x 1/2” White P10-7512WHA27-1 12 x 27 x 3/4” White P10-7524WHA54-1 24 x 54 x 3/4” White P14-5012WHA27-1 12 x 27 x 1/2” Anti-Skid White P14-7512WHA27-1 12 x 27 x 3/4” Anti-Skid White Part No. Description F16-0810-1 30° Mount Part No. Description SL40SSP3-7 SS Flat Bracket w/10MM Ball SL50SSP3-7 SS 90° Bracket w/10MM Ball Gas Spring Popular replacement gas springs and mounting brackets for the aftermarket. Attwood has taken the guess-work out of deciding which gas springs and mounting brackets to offer your marine and RV customers. Packaged in see-through hanging packages, gas springs and mounting brackets can be plan-o-grammed together to provide an attractive one-stop display for convenient customer selection. Additional packaged gas spring sizes and output forces are available. Gas Spring Mounting Brackets Mounting Brackets are used as attachment points for gas springs on hatches and other mounting surfaces where: • Mounting surface material is not strong enough to support direct attachment of gas spring using a threaded stud • The angle and position of the attachment point requires the need for a mounting bracket Mounting brackets are available with Ball Pem gas spring attachment points. Windshield Fastener Makes installing and removing the windshield simple. (T9A) (T9A) Multi-Purpose Portable Cleat/Rod Holder Combines a cleat and a fender holder into one glorious accessory! Securely tie off lines and set fenders all in one place. Because it fits standard rod holders, this cleat is movable, stowable and a practical step forward in your boating and docking experience. Large S-shape 9" cleat design. Accommodates up to 3/4" dock line for larger boat applications. Pipe diameter of 1-1/2" fits into standard rod holders 1-5/8" in diameter. Loop hole design to hang fenders over the side. Ideal for hanging hose while washing boat. Packaged in mesh bag for easy drying if stored wet and to avoid scratching deck or storage surfaces on the boat. 1-year limited warranty. Transom Cross Tie Cleat XL Part No. F30-0863BSA-1 When the dock’s surface drops below the tops of your motor cowlings, this cleat keeps lines organized and elevated. You’ll never have to find a place to tie off at the stern when docking again. Patented locking mechanism allows for a secure cleat that is easy to reach, remove and reinstall. Also great for hanging fenders and chum bags. Brushed aluminum finish with 15° large s-shape 9” cleat design. Sleeve diameter 5-1/2” fits into standard rod holders 1-7/8” diameter. Latching mechanism holds into rod holder. Intended for open bottom gunnel rod holders, it accommodates up to 5/8” dock line. Loop hole design allows multiple applications. Not intended for permanent docking. 1-year limited warranty. Come On-Board Handle Boarding your boat is easier than ever before. At nearly 5'L, this handle features a large grabbing surface with a finger-molded design for comfortable, strong support for getting on and off your boat. Once underway, the stainless steel handle easily disassembles for quick and secure storage. 1-1/2" tube diameter fits into standard 1-5/8" rod holders. Solid gimbal mount design assures proper locking placement. Includes mesh bag for easy drying if stored wet and to avoid scratching deck or storage surfaces on the boat. 1-year limited warranty. Kingstarboard® Polymer Sheets These Polymer Sheets are environmentally stabilized to withstand the harshest marine conditions. They will not warp, rot or delaminate when exposed to humidity or water. Using standard woodworking tools, easily fabricate the Polymer Sheets to match your needs. Provides excellent resistance to sun and saltwater – making them an ideal wood replacement for cabinets, dock and step boxes. Easily drilled, cut and routed.