2022 SeaWide Marine Catalog

Your Local, Nationwide Distributor 100 GALLEY & INTERIOR • Heaters/Defoggers/Air Circulators 100 FairView Defogger Boaters can defog their windshield in just minutes using the Fairview 12 Volt defogger. It is easy to install with either a sure grip suction cup or a permanent screw-down base. The FairView defogger uses a standard lighter plug adapter for easy operation out of the box. The genuine PTC ceramic element generates 340 BTU’s of heat to quickly and effectively defog the windshield. The Fairview is completely safe; it is warm to the touch but is never hot and its small footprint heater takes up minimal space on the dash. PART # Description Power 9206CABBX Space Heater 120V, 1500W PART # Description Power 9510CABBX Compartment Heater 120V, 400W PART # Description Power 9303CABBX Defogger 12V, 8.3A True North Electric Space Heater This sturdy and durable electric heater is the perfect option when you need heat fast. Complete with 5 settings and a bonus anti-freeze setting. Safety features include automatic shut-off, overheat protection and a low-pro le design that won’t tip over. True North is constructed with rugged steel and reliable plastic dials. An impressive 5-year warranty con rms the True North is a worthy investment. Pali Engine Compartment Heater Extend the boating season and protect your engine, pipes and water lines against surprise cold snaps prior to winterization. Pali utilizes a self-regulating, ignition proof PTC heating element that cannot overheat. The only heater of its type that is fully safety compliant to UL and CSA standards, Pali contains an internal, hermetically sealed thermostat to turn the heater on before 45°F and off before 59°F and continuously protects engine compartments up to 80 cu. ft. at -4°F. The use of Pali is not a substitute for properly winterizing your boat. PART # Description Power 9406CAABX Air Circulator 120V, 75W (C4P) This low wattage warm air circulator is the “must have” product for the winterization season. The Stor-Dry combats dampness and musty odors in any boat that is closed up or winterized. This dual action air dryer uses a low wattage heating element and internal fan to both heat and circulate the air, preventing stale air pockets which can harm boats during storage. Stor-Dry Air Circulator